Cody Rhodes provides details for AEW's second TV show

W hat are the plans in the works? (Pic Source: AEW)
W hat are the plans in the works? (Pic Source: AEW)
Karan Bedi
Modified 12 Feb 2020

Cody Rhodes sat down with Dave Meltzer for Wrestling Observer Radio to discuss AEW's upcoming second show as well as if there is a possibility of a secondary title coming down the line. Cody said that the new show will not be like AEW Dark but be its own entity.

Cody Rhodes said that the format for the third hour could be very different, but they are yet to have a long-form discussion with WarnerMedia. He also said that the third hour could just be for the 'younger guys and girls' and that he wouldn't be surprised if there was some experimentation with it. He explained: (H/T 411 Mania)

"I wouldn’t be surprised if we kind of experiment with what the third hour is. I don’t think we want the third hour to be a wrap around, a catch up, I think we want something particular, and actually, and I hope I’m speaking out of turn here because it’s more Tony’s job to tell you this, but Tony had some great ideas at one point about a show for the younger guys and girls, kind of the up and coming guys and girls, and I thought it was a dynamite idea, no pun intended, so I could see us going that route, but again, we’re going to wait until they come to us with some ideas and where it’s going to be, for one."

Cody also said that the new show will not be like AEW Dark but be its own entity. He also said that it's a test for them as their roster is pretty full and that the new show could possibly put a spotlight on the rest of the AEW roster. He said: (H/T 411 Mania)

"I think the initial talk was, ‘Oh, it’ll be like Dark, but on another channel.’ I don’t think it’ll be like Dark. I think it’s going to be its own animal and we would want that, we’d want to test ourselves, and this is a test for us, so I think it’ll be something different and maybe, I don’t mean that as a hint, maybe it will go the route of the young, less seen, because we have a lot, it’s hard, our roster is pretty full, and two hours a week, it’s not possible to have everybody on, not everybody plays. And that’s hard, and it’s hard to keep morale, not morale, but it’s hard to kind of check in with everybody when you don’t see them every week, I want to see everybody every week, I like having my team."

From the sound of it, Cody Rhodes, Tony Khan, and others are heavily discussing on how to present the third hour. Moreover, it seems that the main plan is to create a show that is different from AEW Dynamite and be its own animal.

It's still unclear when the new show will premiere and on which channel, since WarnerMedia has a vast number of channels besides TNT such as HBO, Cinemax, TBS, and TruTV. AEW fans will probably to have stay tuned as more news comes down the pipeline.

Published 12 Feb 2020
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