"Come on, do one!" - What happened after Santino Marella told his 10-year-old daughter to cut a promo [Exclusive]

Bianca Carelli and Santino Marella
Bianca Carelli and Santino Marella

Bianca Carelli recently opened up about her father Santino Marella telling her to cut a promo when she visited him in Ohio Valley Wrestling back in the day.

Carelli was 10-years-old when the following incident occurred. Marella was training over in OVW and was practicing promos when his daughter visited him. Here's what happened, as Carelli recalled while speaking with Sportskeeda Wrestling:

"Yeah, I guess I was 10-years-old. My dad, he was at OVW where he was training with Rip Rogers. So I went to go visit him. Watching the practices, how they were training... we did some fun stuff too, we went to Six Flags. So, one day, the class, they were doing promos. And my dad asked me later at the end of the class, 'Bianca, do you wanna do one?' I said, 'really, me?' 'yeah, c'mon do one!'"
"So, it was the next day, they were going to film it. I thought what I was going to say. And I was a little bit nervous but not really because there was no pressure in this situation, it was just for fun. So, I got in the ring, I cut my promo. My dad always tells me, people were amazed. Like, this little girl just got in the ring and she cut a pretty good promo. What the heck?" said Bianca Carelli.


Santino Marella himself was a pretty good promo guy when he was an active wrestler

Bianca Carelli must have learned a lot from Santino Marella when it comes to promo work. He was a popular star during his main roster run in WWE. Santino Marella was mostly used as a comedy act but he did justice to anything that was thrown at him by the WWE creative team.

Carelli is still in her 20s and it won't be a surprise if fans get to see her wrestle some of WWE's bigwigs on NXT, RAW, or SmackDown in the near future. Do share your thoughts about Bianca Carelli in the comments section below.

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