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Cryptic posts from a major WWE Diva raise questions about her condition

Sudhir Bose
1.44K   //    09 Jan 2016, 18:36 IST
Banks supposedly injured herself against Becky Lynch

There have been some interesting developments on the Sasha Banks injury front. There were multiple reports that Banks suffered an unspecified injury during her match with Becky Lynch on the episode of RAW on the 28th of December. 

While there was no specified timeline for Banks’ return, the Diva herself has gotten involved by responding to a fan’s social media post. The fan’s post read,” Sasha Banks is now reportedly injured. No specifics on the injury so we aren’t sure how bad it is. Damn… it’s almost like pro wrestling is actually dangerous or something.”

Banks, in typical style, posted this reply, “Not these reports again!”

While the reply sounds dismissive of the alleged injury, Banks seemed to toy with people’s perception, as she also re-posted a fan’s post that went something like this, “You’re expected to wrestle every single show, if not you’re injured.”

What made the post even more conflicting than the first was that she was absent at the WWE Live Event in Houston, Texas on January 8th . So was Naomi, leaving Tamina Snuka to face Brie Bella, whom she lost to.  

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