Current champion, former World Champion - 4 WWE stars who can help AJ Styles dethrone Cody Rhodes

AJ Styles may be the next Undisputed WWE Champion
AJ Styles may be the next Undisputed WWE Champion (Image Credits:

Following his "fake" retirement angle, AJ Styles seems primed for another colossal title match against Cody Rhodes for the Undisputed WWE Championship, presumably at Clash at The Castle in Scotland.

The American Nightmare previously prevailed over The Phenomenal One at Backlash: France in a stellar championship match which was universally praised. This time, Styles may have the upper hand for his retirement scare, which certainly threw Rhodes off his mental game.

Furthermore, there is always the possibility of outside interference. In this scenario, it is likely to benefit Styles. On that note, let's look at 4 WWE stars who could help AJ Styles dethrone Cody Rhodes.

#4 and #3. The Good Brothers, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson could interfere and reunite The O.C.

As part of the farewell address, The Phenomenal One had The Good Brothers, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, accompany him to the ring. The three men have a long history as friends and teammates, dating back to their days outside WWE.

AJ Styles thanked Gallows and Anderson and called them his brothers. Considering the former WWE Champion had actively avoided and ridiculed The Good Brothers in the last few months, this clearly indicated him trying to warm up to his former teammates.

Needless to say, if Styles were to reunite The O.C., his odds of dethroning Cody Rhodes would dramatically increase. The Good Brothers have previously helped The Phenomenal One win several important bouts, including one against John Cena.

Thus, if the trio has mended fences, Gallows and Anderson could help AJ Styles dethrone Rhodes.

#2. Logan Paul may not be done with Cody Rhodes

At The King and Queen of The Ring PLE, Logan Paul took Cody Rhodes to the limit and even used brass knuckles in an attempt to dethrone the champion. However, Rhodes prevailed to retain the Undisputed WWE Championship.

Despite the loss, The Maverick may not be finished with Rhodes. First and foremost, Michael Cole's involvement in the match-up may have factored into the final result as the argument distracted Paul long enough for the champion to regain control.

Furthermore, The American Nightmare used the "Vertebreaker," a banned maneuver behind the referee's back. All of these could be used to warrant another opportunity.

However, Paul likes to do things his way, which are often unconventional and risky. Thus, The Maverick may decide to cost Rhodes the WWE Championship. Naturally, the interference would be out of disgust and hatred for the popular SmackDown Superstar.

AJ Styles could take advantage of the interference and dethrone The American Nightmare. The Phenomenal One could also choose to grant Paul a one-on-one opportunity in exchange for helping him.

The proposed intervention would remove the WWE Title from the equation, allowing Rhodes and Paul to work the program as a grudge feud.

#1. Randy Orton betraying his former protege could allow AJ Styles to win the WWE Championship


Fans have been clamoring for Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton ever since Cody returned to the company. There are multiple ways WWE could build towards the dream feud, one involving Orton betraying his former protege, allowing AJ Styles to win the WWE Championship.

The Viper has been extremely proud of The American Nightmare since his return in 2022. Orton was among the several babyfaces who celebrated with Rhodes upon his victory in the closing moments of WrestleMania XL: Night Two.

However, the 14-time World Champion has a treacherous past, and the RKO could come out of nowhere in the most unexpected circumstances. Therefore, he could set a target on Rhodes' back, a man he helped groom.

Orton has not won a single match on PLE since returning apart from Survivor Series: WarGames. He also recently lost to Gunther in the finals of the King of The Ring Tournament.

The Viper must be growing frustrated with his current position. A poised, desperate, and jealous Orton could strike on Rhodes and cost him the WWE Championship, leading to a memorable feud.