Dan Severn reveals that he refused to join The Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness

The Undertaker
The Undertaker

MMA legend and former WWE Superstar Dan Severn was recently interviewed on the Jordan Garber NOW Podcast. During his appearance on the podcast, Severn opened up about his pro wrestling career, his unique WWE contract and refusing to work with The Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness during the Attitude Era.


Speaking about his WWE contract, Severn said the deal Vince McMahon offered him was unique. He went on to give further details:

I had a very unique contract on both sides. I was non exclusive to Vince meaning that I could work for anybody. At the time I was also working for the NWA and I was the world champion and NWA wanted me to be exclusive to them but I said 'unless you are going to pay me to sit at home and if I get opportunities I want to explore those opportunities. So I worked for WWE, NWA and any other promotions that would hire me on the weekend at the time while I was also doing cage fighting.

Dan Severn on refusing to join The Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness

Dan Severn also spoke about how WWE wanted him to be a member of The Undertaker's Ministry of Darkness. However, Severn refused to be a part of the angle and he explained why:

Now they want me to have "666" on my forehead mark of the beast and they want me to be an Undertaker disciple and I am going "Timeout guys... Not gonna happen. I live in small town USA and I will not have any repercussions to my family, my business or myself and I also say "you don't realize how many people buy into this and I don't need that". If I do this and in the middle of all this you guys decide to let me go, that will be the last they remember of Dan Severn. Then suddenly one of the road agents says " Well Dan we could use you poorly and have you start losing matches" I said "you can ask me to lose a match but where does it state on my contract I have to lose to anybody? What if I walk into your world of fantasy and turn it to reality. Which one of your stars will even hold a candlestick to me?" I'm a nice guy but if you push me I will start to push back.

Dan Severn ended up leaving WWE in 1999.

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