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WWE News: Darren Young on Finn Balor's WrestleMania 34 entrance, representing the LGBT community and Sonya Deville

Johny Payne
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Darren Young had words of high praise for Finn Balor & Sonya Deville
Darren Young had words of high praise for Finn Balor & Sonya Deville

What’s the story?

In an interview with Uproxx, former WWE Superstar Darren Young opened up on a myriad of topics.

Young asserted that he’d previously urged WWE to permit him to represent the LGBT community in WWE.

Besides, Young also spoke about wanting to have been a part of Finn Balor’s LGBTQ WrestleMania 34 entrance, after watching the segment transpire during the ‘Mania broadcast.

In case you didn’t know…

Young, whose real name is Fred Rosser, performed for the WWE from 2005 until his departure from the promotion in last year.

Young is considered to be the first openly gay professional wrestler, to have come out while still under contract with a top pro-wrestling organisation—in this case, the WWE, with Young having revealed the same in 2013.

The heart of the matter

Young had words of high praise for current WWE Superstars Finn Balor and Sonya Deville—the latter of whom is the first openly-gay woman to have performed for the WWE.

Young added that both Balor and Deville have shown him a lot of love in the past.

Additionally, Young explained that he pitched something similar to Balor’s WrestleMania 34 entrance to WWE, after the Pulse Nightclub shooting (2016), however, WWE turned him down.

Young continued that he lobbied for the opportunity to prominently represent the LGBT community, only to have his ideas turned down by the promotion.


Furthermore, Young clarified that he holds no ill will towards WWE, however, he would’ve simply loved to have been a part of Balor’s entourage in the aforementioned WrestleMania 34 entrance—

“It is what it is, but I cried like a baby, man. The next day, Monday, after watching it back, I cried like a baby. When I got released, it's okay. It is what it is, but when I've seen that (entrance) and I wasn't (even) invited just to sit in the crowd and see the moves that we're making, it broke my heart. They know that. They know that, but hey, it is what it is—life goes on—Finn's a great guy, but to not be invited to such a amazing celebration amongst the LGBT community, it just broke my heart.”

What’s next?

Young presently performs on the independent professional wrestling circuit.

He is set to compete in Chikara’s King of Trios tournament later this year.

Meanwhile, Balor continues his pursuit of the WWE Intercontinental Championship in the weeks to come on RAW.

Author’s take

Young seems to have a positive and grateful attitude towards the WWE.

He truly seems to be eager to represent the LGBT community, and perhaps the WWE could rope him in to partake in Balor’s potential LGBT-themed entrances on WWE programming in the future. 

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