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WWE News: Dave Meltzer calls Charlotte vs Sasha Banks a 'flop'

Meltzer dissects the historic Women's Hell in a Cell match.

Charlotte defeated hometown girl Sasha Banks to capture the RAW Women’s Championship

Hell in a Cell was a critical show for the Women’s Revolution which saw the ladies make history as Charlotte battled Sasha Banks in the first ever Women’s Hell in a Cell for the RAW Women’s Champion. The event also marked the first time that a Women’s match had closed out a main-roster PPV in WWE history. However, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter feels that the match between The Boss and The Queen inside the demonic structure was disappointing terming it a ‘flop’

In the latest edition of his podcast, Meltzer made several key points discussing the match claiming that the match may have hurt the Women’s division. He started off by pointing out that the biggest, crucial spots in the match were not executed properly and the finish to the match fell flat. Meltzer is of the opinion that the Hell in a Cell match between Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Champion ‘blew’ the Women’s match out of the water and deserved to go on as the last match on the show

He proceeded by reiterating that the Owens vs Rollins match was the original choice to be the closing match and the decision to have Banks vs Charlotte main event the show wasn’t made until Saturday by CEO of the WWE, Vince McMahon

According to Meltzer, the finish of the match both in terms of its execution and the booking decision to have Charlotte go over Sasha Banks left a sour taste in everybody’s mouth. The booking change was the outcome of WWE wanting to fast-track a feud between Charlotte and Bailey for the RAW Women’s Championship. Meltzer concluded by saying that the event was not as great for women’s wrestling as it should have been due to several bad decisions made in the lead-up to and during the match

Sasha’s loss stunned the hometown crowd

 In the build up to the event, there were question marks as to which bout would actually headline the show since the WWE billed it as having a ‘Triple main event’. The rumors correctly suggested that the Women’s match would ultimately be the finish to the show the but a lot was still up in the air. The finishing sequence of the match noticeably deflated the Boston crowd which saw Charlotte defeating the hometown girl Sasha Banks to reclaim the RAW Women’s Championship.

As seen on this week’s RAW, it does seem like the WWE has begun the rivalry between Charlotte and Bayley as both will be part of the RAW Women’s team for the Survivor Series tag team elimination match. It is unknown where this leaves Sasha Banks in the equation as there was a talk of her taking another hiatus

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