DDP reveals Vince McMahon's original plans for Scott Hall in WWE (Exclusive)

Scott Hall as Razor Ramon with Vince McMahon
Scott Hall as Razor Ramon with Vince McMahon

Scott Hall was originally intended to have a GI Joe character, which was a vision that Vince McMahon had for him when he joined WWE in 1992.

Hall debuted his Razor Ramon gimmick in WWE in 1992, a character that took inspiration from the movie Scarface. He used that gimmick until his departure from the company in 1996.

In this week's Bro Show, Diamond Dallas Page, a close friend of Hall's, recalled what the late legend told him about McMahon's plans for him in the promotion.

"They wanted him to be - Vince told him he wanted him to be a GI Joe character. That was Vince's idea. That was what Scott told me. I don't know... it came out of his (Scott Hall) mouth. And he said (to Vince McMahon), 'You know, I got this other idea.' And when he gave it to him and rolled into character, Vince's like, 'That's it!' (From 17:55 to 18:16)

DDP praised WWE for the touching tribute video that aired after Hall's passing, which included old vignettes of Hall.

Scott Hall was willing to play the GI Joe character in WWE but convinced McMahon with the Razor Ramon gimmick

The First Ride. When The World Was Introduced To Razor Ramon/Scott HallRazor Ramon/Scott Halls WWF/WWE Debut on August 8th 1992 of Superstars. Ramon/Hall defeated Paul Van Dow. Hall introduced us to one of the devastating finishers The Razors Edge.#WWE #WCW #NWO

Hall told McMahon that he would gladly play the GI Joe character that the WWE Chairman wanted him to play, but pitched the Razor Ramon gimmick, which won over McMahon.

“I told him – Vince, if you want me to be a G.I. Joe (type character) I’ll be the best damn G.I. Joe I can be – but have you ever seen Scarface? – Say Hello… to the Bad Guy," said Hall in an interview from last year. (H/T 411 Mania)

Hall's fantastic run in WWE with the Razor Ramon gimmick and later his game-changing stint in WCW earned him a place in the Hall of Fame. He is one of just eight Superstars to be inducted into the Hall of Fame twice.

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