WWE News: Former WCW Champion reveals his role in the creation of nWo

Good Ol Days
Omkar Sohoni

Back in the days when the WCW and the WWE were competing to be the pinnacle of pro-wrestling, one man played an important part in getting the two biggest names in the business during that time, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, sign with the WCW. DDP, who is a former WCW Champion and an overall respected person, has had a memorable wrestling career. He spoke about his role in getting Nash and Hall signed with the company during an interview with the WrestlingInc.

When Nash and Hall left WWE, DDP was the person who played an instrumental role in getting them to WCW in 1996. DDP who is good friends with Nash and Hall revealed this during the interview, He also said that the whole thing happened in his garage with Hall, Nash, and Eric Bischoff present. 

"They knew. Bischoff knew. They didn't have the NWO name then, but it all started in my garage. Bischoff puts that over in the NWO DVD, then I never get mentioned again! I'm like, seriously?!”

DDP also revealed that the fact that Nash and Hall joined the company had excited everyone as they were the top two stars. He added that people started becoming jealous once Nash and Hall started going through everyone on the roster. He also spoke of the backstage heat because of nWo and about how there wasn't anyone left to fight these two men after Sting left which finally led to the famous moment of DDP delivering his finisher to Hall.

“Both were legitimate friends of mine, killing everybody and I was allowed (to go under the radar). Nobody was really paying attention to me. I saw Sting like, leave, and I thought who's going to fight these guys?”

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