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Dean Ambrose and Renee Young: The love story that evolved in and around WWE

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Ambrose and Young went public with their relationship in March 2015

Dean Ambrose and Renee Young are one of the most mysterious couples on WWE television at the moment. Both have confirmed rumours of them dating each other but neither has gone out of their way to reveal any details.

Given that Ambrose is one of the most private wrestlers that the WWE Universe has seen over a couple of years with an almost non-existent social media presence, it is very natural that the young couple would not let their private life be the headlines of newspapers or magazines.

Raised in the mean streets of Cincinnati, Ohio, Ambrose started wrestling at the young age of 18. He had grown up selling popcorn and setting up rings at Indie events before making his transition as a professional wrestler.

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Dean Ambrose debuted in the WWE as a member of the SHIELD at Survivor Series in 2012. The group soon became one of the most devastating and dominant factions in the WWE. The Shield locked horns with almost the entire WWE roster and emerged victorious. They vanquished the likes of Kane, Daniel Bryan, Ryback, Sheamus, Randy Orton, Triple H, Batista, The Rock and even The Undertaker. 

Ambrose won the United States title from Kofi Kingston and held on to it for a whopping 351 days. Ambrose has also won the Intercontinental Championship, Money in the Bank ladder match and the WWE  World Championship.

Dean has now become an integral part of SmackDown Live and is currently in the middle of a burning rivalry with WWE World Champion AJ Styles. In fact, Dean was the first man to be drafted to the blue brand during the brand split. He was the WWE World Champion at that time and later lost the title to Styles at WWE Backlash. 

Ambrose is in fact one of the highest earning wrestlers in the WWE. He is the 10th highest paid wrestler on the roster and makes a whopping $1.1 million annually. The Richest estimated his net worth to be at the $6.1 million mark. 

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While Ambrose was making it in the mean streets of Cincinnati, Renee originally wanted to pursue a career in improv comedy. She moved to Los Angeles at the age of 19,in search of a job as a comedic actress. She was exposed to comedy from a very young age watch Kids in the Hall, SNL, SCTV and found her calling in that profession. 

She, however, moved back to Toronto from Los Angeles, and she was soon hired at The Score Television Network, in Canada. She started hosting Right After Wrestling for the sports channel, which was later renamed Aftermath, and it was this position that allowed her to transition into the WWE years later.

Renee has admitted in the past that she never really was a big wrestling fan. Given the staple announcer that she is right now, appearing regularly for the blue brand, it is hard to imagine. Renee does have some prior history with the company as she attended a few wrestling shows in the past including WrestleMania VII.

The couple has often been seen together granting wishes of Make A Wish Foundation

Renee Young is an integral part of the WWE presenter team and is the host of numerous shows on the WWE Network. She is currently the host of RAW Talk, Talking Smack and also leads the presentation team at every WWE pay per view. In fact she is doing very well with her own show, Unfiltered with Renee Young, which is into its second season. 

This success with the WWE has taken Renee’s net worth to a reported $1 million mark.

Ambrose and Young went public with their relationship in March 2015. Renee revealed the dynamics of their relation saying that people didn’t really know Dean for the man that he was despite his regular appearance on television.

She described him as a bit of an enigma saying that he has no social media presence and rarely does interviews out of character, so fans really only knew him for his over-the-top wrestling persona.

Young said that Ambrose was poles apart from his ‘Lunatic Fringe’ character and that he is a lovely person. She agreed that many people would not be aware of Ambrose’s sensitive side because of the introvert side of his personality.

“I can’t give away too much because we are very private about our relationship. But he’s very nice, and he’s adorable. People wouldn’t assume that. He’s definitely a lot different than people would know.”

 Ambrose too opened up on their relationship later that year, saying that he was dating the ‘most beautiful, most tremendous girl in the world’. He said that he was glad to be with Renee and agreed that her presence in his life was too good to be true. Ambrose followed that up saying:

“But its far too late and I've got my claws stuck into her now, she cant go anywhere.”

Ambrose candidly said that he was a pretty good catch, as well calling himself the legendary Dean Ambrose and assuring fans that their relationship was going to work out fine. Many a time, in their interviews on-screen there have been subtle hints of a relationship brewing. One of the worst kept secrets in the WWE.

One of the more rarer images of Dean and Renee hanging out together

Naturally, Renee’s joy knew no bounds when Ambrose went from being Mr. Money in the Bank to WWE World Heavyweight Champion, as it was called then, in one night. She tweeted:

Dean reciprocated his gratitude in a more subtle manner during a backstage interview.

Renee also revealed that she would join the cast of the sixth season of Total Divas. Renee has earlier made appearances on the E! channel reality show during the fifth season, but this will be the first time that the WWE Universe will be able to see her as a member of the cast and see more of Ambrose for the person that he is outside the ring.

Renee expressed her excitement saying that viewers would see a different side of Ambrose, a side that she so truly loves and adores. 

Renee and Dean are not yet married but are going strong. As the sixth season of Total Divas progresses, the WWE Universe will get a glimpse of the dynamics of their relationship. 

Another factor that would attract viewers is the fact that Ambrose is rarely seen out of character. Total Divas might serve as a window to understand Dean as a person. 

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