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Opinion: Dean Ambrose's transformation is an eye opener for all the good reasons

Daniel Cuffie
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Out with the old, in with the new
Out with the old, in with the new

Remember when you could see Dean Ambrose's middle rope lean back/rebound clothesline coming from a mile away? Yeah, me too. No matter how creatively he tried to set it up (and sometimes it was just awful) that move just never did it for me. Fortunately, our lunatic has a brand new move set and it's crazy how well it works to refresh his character.

These men and women put their bodies on the line night after night, not only on TV but live shows and they have to practice with each other to get it right too! What I am saying is this... Thank you, Dean Ambrose, for turning lemons into lemonade!

As we all know, Dean spent some time on the shelf due to injury but he did not come back the same character, oh no, Dean came back and he is going "HAM". He could have come back with the same song and dance because he knew we would just be happy to have our Shield brother back, but the man reinvented himself in a way that I couldn't ever imagine seeing.

We often say "oh, this person is stale and needs repackaging", but what if they don't? What if sometimes they just need a new move-set? A boxer or MMA fighter doesn't become a new person...they just hone their skills and learn new moves and better tactics and this is what Dean Ambrose did to perfection. When he came down that ramp to help Seth Rollins at Raw and Hell in a Cell, you knew he meant business! New haircut, muscles for did not want to have Dean Ambrose mad at you! He even uses submission holds now!

Other wrestlers have been injured and spent time in Birmingham, Alabama and they all come back with muscles in their eyebrows (remember how HUGE HHH was?) but none of them revamped their move-set like Dean Ambrose, and to that I once again say, Thank You Dean for showing that you care about your career and the WWE Universe! IT SHOWS! Now it's time to take that Intercontinental title away from Seth Rollins. I can't believe I just said that.

Not that we EVER want to see our superstars get injured, but who do you think needs to take a page from Dean and reinvent themselves? Tell us in the comments below!