Details on real fight involving Samoa Joe revealed; police forced to intervene

Samoa Joe is a member of the RAW roster
Samoa Joe is a member of the RAW roster

Samoa Joe discussed various topics on the latest episode of Corey GravesAfter The Bell podcast, including the time that somebody tried to steal money from his poker table during a tour of the United Kingdom.

The former United States Champion was playing poker with AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels when somebody hit him from behind and began to run away.

With thousands of dollars on the table, Joe thought the person had tried to rob money from the three wrestlers, and Styles – who, according to Joe, is usually the voice of reason – simply said, “Get him.”

“I see this guy running and I catch up with him. By that time I think I was incensed. As has been described to me by you [Graves], Chris Abyss [Joseph Parks], Daniels and AJ, I grabbed him by the throat, lifted him off the ground, had him up against the wall, and was preparing to launch several rounds of punches into his face when the hotel staff and several other people had informed me that the police were on the way. They finally peeled my hands off his throat, pulled me back and we calmed down.”

Joe did not name the thief but said he also stole from locker rooms in the United States and the United Kingdom, which suggests he might have been another wrestler.

He also described the person as “a very large piece of human excrement” who, to his knowledge, is now in jail.

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