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WWE News: Diamond Dallas Page reveals what would force him to get out of retirement again

The WCW veteran reveals the condition for his WWE return

Diamond Dallas Page
Page received a huge pop when he appeared at Royal Rumble 2015

Wrestling legend and former WWE Superstar Diamond Dallas Page recently appeared on The Tomorrow Show where he talked about many things including his life, wrestling career and more. thanks to wrestlinginc, below are some of the highlights from the interview:

Page who eventually joined WWE, after WCW packed up in 2001, revealed that sometimes during his WCW stint, he had made up his mind about joining WWE but changed his decision because of Hulk Hogan he said:

"I said 'I'm gonna ask Bishoff for my release, I'm going to go to New York, I'm gonna become a huge star here, man.' I said, 'I'm over — Kevin Nash is my best friend, he's a star up there and I know he's going to get me a shot.' … and he [Hogan] said 'Ok, listen, I want you to just pull everything down, and we're going to talk about this because I honestly believe, if you keep doing what you're doing, we could draw big money together.' And he walked away."

Talking about a segment with the Beast Brock Lesnar, Dallas revealed what he whispered in the ear of the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion:

"I am the first named superstar that Brock slid in and hit with his thing. Now he's 23, I get done with my match, he slides in, boy's gonna hit me with the sidewalk slam and decides to hit me with the F5. Now I'm looking at that beast and after we get done with what we're told what we're going to do, I went 'Brock, 23, 46, 23, 46.' He goes, 'c’mon D, I’m not going to hurt you out there,' and I go 'veteran, legend, old man.' When he hit me with the sidewalk slam, he took so, unlike when Randy hit me with the elbow, he took so much of it, I was like 'wow, that was kind of sweet.' That's what I said to him!"

When asked about a possible WWE return, the WWE veteran who appeared as a surprise entrant during the 2015 Royal Rumble said that only a WrestleMania match would force him to get out of the retirement again:

"If they asked me to come back to Wrestlemania again, I would go crazy doing it."

Along with this the former World Champion also revealed how going to WWE caused him $487,000 which WCW owed to him and claimed that the match he had with fellow WCW veteran Goldberg was the best match Goldberg ever had.

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