Did the Boogeyman really eat worms in WWE?

Marty Wright is the man behind 'The Boogeyman'
Marty Wright is the man behind 'The Boogeyman'

The Boogeyman was one of the creepiest characters in WWE. Throughout WWE's history, he was frequently involved in some of the most spooky angles in the ring as well as backstage, particularly when he would eat worms in front of people.

But did the Boogeyman really eat worms in WWE?

The answer is yes. He used to actually eat worms and was completely fine in doing so. His act of eating worms used to add significant value to his on-screen character.

In an interview, the man behind the Boogeyman, ie., Marty Wright revealed that he was also ready to hold other insects like crickets, maggots, and roaches in his mouth during his entrance. WWE officials were afraid of these insects getting lose in the arena, so they limited his entrance to eating worms only.

History of the Boogeyman in WWE

In 2005, Marty Wright made his WWE debut as the Boogeyman on an episode of SmackDown. He began to creepily appear in various backstage segments. He was seen appearing from unusual places like wardrobes and ceilings.

In December 2005, he westled in his first match. After defeating various competitors in squash matches, The Boogeyman started his first major rivalry against John Bradshaw Layfield and Jillian Hall. The feud ended when he defeated JBL in under two minutes.

The Boogeyman then got involved in a feud with Booker T and Sharmell. He emerged victorious in this rivalry after defeating Booker T and Sharmell in a handicap match at WrestleMania 22. This storyline featured some of the most memorable segments involving the Boogeyman.

In 2007, Boogeyman was drafted to ECW. Under the brand, he feuded with various stars like Matt Striker, Big Daddy V, John Morrison and The Miz. He then left WWE and wrestled as an independent wrestler. During the 2012 Slammy Awards, The Boogeyman returned to WWE and scared his former rival, Booker T.

In 2015, Boogeyman surprisingly entered the Royal Rumble match but couldn't win the match. He appeared on Raw's 25 Year Special Show in 2018. In 2021, he appeared and scared Angel Garza, allowing R-Truth to retain his 24/7 title. He is now under a Legends contract with WWE, meaning he will continue to make non-wrestling appearances for the company.

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