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Did Roman Reigns' promo on the 30th of July episode of Raw get applauded?

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Roman Reigns might finally be receiving the crowd support that the WWE wants

Roman Reigns Promo was the opening segment on Monday Night Raw. The opening scene in the episode was that of Brock Lesnar to highlight his presence for the day. Roman however, had the first words. From what we saw, the crowd was quite into it from the moment Roman entered the scene. Now, the crowd cheering for Roman isn't something that we see very often. However, we can consider this to be signs that the WWE universe is finally opening up to Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns began by saying that he has great respect for Bobby Lashley after the two of them squared off last week. However, he lacks respect for Brock Lesnar. He does not consider Brock Lesnar to be someone who cares too much about the company. Brock Lesnar, in his opinion, is someone who cares more about the UFC and is more concerned about his face off against the UFC Champion Daniel Cormier. It is at this moment that Paul Heyman came out and addressed the WWE universe. He said that Roman Reigns can try as many times as he likes but the results would be the same. Roman Reigns interrupted him and asks him to bring out Lesnar. Heyman however, replied that Brock Lesnar is sitting in his luxurious vehicle and he would come out when he likes as per his own convenience. Roman Reigns concludes the segment by saying that he would send Brock back to the UFC but this time, he won't go back as 'the Beast' but as Roman Reigns' 'bitch'.

A second segment is shown where Brock Lesnar is shown sitting and Paul Heyman comes up to him conveying what Reigns just said about him. Lesnar however, replies that he does not even watch the show. He, however, displays a genuine concern over what happened.


Roman Reigns' entry into the ring was met with quite the applause. Although most of the audience was chanting 'Suplex City', and Reigns was booed to an extent, it was worth noticing that even Roman made some of it.

Reigns even acknowledged it by saying that he could feel the electricity within the crowd. However. what was worth noticing was the manner in which he delivered the promo. He was way more confident than he has been. also, he looked every bit into the character that he was in. Now, although one could name a long list of superstars who could have done it better than him, it goes without saying that Reigns displayed a tremendous amount of development in his role. Also, the audience finally cheering for him gives hope of some credibility finally being lent into his character.

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