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Did WWE reveal Sasha Bank's opponent for WrestleMania 34 at Royal Rumble 2018?

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Sasha Banks.
Who will Sasha Bank's opponent be at WrestleMania 34?

WWE planted a lot of interesting seeds for future storylines during the 2018 Royal Rumble pay-per-view, the most overlooked one had to be the fact that Sasha Banks eliminated her longtime best friend, Bayley, during the first ever Women's Royal Rumble match.

Of course, that on its own wouldn't be much to think about, especially with both Bayley and Sasha Banks being former champions and desperately wanting to get back into the title hunt in time for WrestleMania, but Banks has seemingly been becoming more and more of a heel character as of late.

In fact, Banks, who came up short in the Royal Rumble match after being eliminated by the Bella Twins, showed up the next night on Raw to try to steal Asuka's moment and seemed to be acting very heelish throughout the entire segment. Not only that, her promo backstage before the match seemed to plant even more seeds that a heel turn was starting to take shape.

With that being said and Banks coming up short again after pushing Asuka to the limit on Raw, it looks like her next option will be to try to qualify for the Women's Elimination Chamber match next month at Fastlane and try to win the Raw Women's Championship that way.

Unfortunately for Banks, there is also a strong possibility of Bayley qualifying for the Women's Elimination Chamber match as well and could cost Banks her shot at a title match. If Bayley is able to return the favor and cost Bank's her chance winning the women's title, it would be a great catalyst to set up a match between the two at WrestleMania 34.

Not only that, it would also be a great feud considering how close the two women have been in the past and just how great Sasha Banks can be on the microphone. It could even pay huge dividends for Bayley, who is in dire need of fresh storyline and would probably gain a lot of sympathy from fans if the feud is done the right way.

WWE has proven in the past that they can do amazing things with storylines that border on reality and an ex-best friend feud between Sasha Banks and Bayley should be no different from that at all. Hopefully, WWE does it tastefully and doesn't bury Bayley in the process of it all, but other than that, its a great idea from every possible angle!

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