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WWE News: Dixie Carter Holding Up TNA Sale

Time is running out for the Dixie Carter - and TNA Wrestling!

Dixie Carter is still the principal owner having about 70% shares to her name

Every day is a new challenge. This sentence is being personified in the case of TNA Wrestling. The rumor mills have been churning out rampant rumors of a bidding war between three parties trying to gobble up what remains of TNA. Be it Billy Corgan, or Sinclair or even the WWE, everyone is at odds with each other to secure the bragging rights of TNA for their own needs.

But there is still one person that is still holding up the sale of TNA. That certain someone is none other than Dixie Carter.

Of late TNA has been going through trying times, much to the extent that they may not be able to stage their pay per view Bound for Glory this Sunday. There were also rumors that TNA has canceled flights and TV tapings for the coming weeks.

Dixie Carter is still the majority stakeholder in the company and is reported to have about 70% ownership of the firm. She currently needs about $600,000 for this week’s shows to keep running. There is a big chance that Bound For Glory  as well as next week’s TNA Impact Wrestling, may be canceled resulting in a bigger dent in the company’s reputation.

According to the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, There is only one person that is responsible for TNA’s current predicament and that is none other than Dixie Carter herself. Dave Meltzer confirmed reports that Dixie still owns 70% of the company and made it clear that there were a lot of games being played behind the scenes. He went on to say that Carter has made a mess of the deal.

Meltzer went on to say that he had never met anyone who was as clueless and out of touch as Dixie. He hoped that Carter would set her priorities straight and do right by her potential buyers as well as the wrestler signed to TNA. He felt that Dixie didn’t have too much time and if she didn’t make a decision by Friday, there would be no Bound For Glory, no TV taping and eventually no TNA.

Of late, TNA Wrestling had been attracting some eyes with Matt Hardy’s ‘Broken’ gimmick. He added ‘Brother Nero’ Jeff into the mix and it has been entertaining to watch. Aron Rex also spiced things up when the former WWE star made his TNA debut. Cody Rhodes had also been announced to appear for the pay per view on Sunday thus bring in more views. But all this creative genius could be nullified if the management did not make a decision soon.

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