Does Mick Foley's son still work for the WWE?

Mick Foley with his son Dewey at WWE Headquarters
Mick Foley with his son Dewey at WWE Headquarters

As of this writing, Dewey Foley is reported to be the lead writer for WWE 205 Live. Before working backstage, Foley occasionally played the role of Mr. Bootyworth in the New Day skits.

Foley signed with WWE in 2015 and joined the WWE creative team in January 2016. He joined as a writing assistant and worked his way up the main roster.

In August 2020, Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Foley and Adam Pearce were leading WWE 205 Live. They were described as "the key creative forces" behind the cruiserweight division.

Since Foley joined the brand in the summer of 2020, 205 Live has become a little depleted. Many NXT development talents, like Trey Baxter and Joe Gacy, are featured on the show now.

Dewey first received his WWE gig after the company spotted some of his creative work online. His Hall of Famer father Mick Foley let WWE know that his son was interested in working for them. WWE Executive Triple H is reportedly an admirer of Dewey's work.

Dewey Foley once got a message from Barack Obama

Dewey Foley received some mainstream media attention in 2020 when he tweeted after his first vote. His father Mick Foley said the election was "the most important election of our lifetime."

On October 24th, 2020, Dewey Foley tweeted:

"First time voting, in the books. In a state where my vote could make a difference. It could’ve taken 4 minutes, 4 hours, 4 days or more. The next 4 years of our country are at stake, and the consequences could last a lifetime. VOTE." Dewey Foley wrote.

He received a response from Barack Obama himself. The former President of the United States responded a week later:

"Congrats on your first vote, Dewey! It will make a difference." Barack Obama said (h/t Twitter)

It was definitely a proud moment for the young Foley. He appears to have been on the rise since joining WWE. We'll hopefully hear more about his work in the future.

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Edited by Angana Roy
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