Does WWE pay Cody Rhodes more than Brock Lesnar now? Contracts compared

Comparing the WWE contracts of Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar
Comparing the WWE contracts of Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar

Cody Rhodes is one of the superstars who did not shy away from revealing some of the contents of his WWE contract. Despite being one of the company's major stars, it looks like his salary is still incomparable to Brock Lesnar's.

For those wondering, Cody Rhodes is not being paid more than Lesnar. There is no confirmation as to how much The American Nightmare is earning in 2023, but various sources have estimated it to be around $2 Million to $4 Million. Meanwhile, The Beast Incarnate's salary is estimated to be around $12 Million.

While Lesnar may have beaten Cody Rhodes in the numbers game, the same can't be said for their most recent clash. On the previous premium live event in Puerto Rico for Backlash, Rhodes defeated Brock in impressive fashion. However, the latter attacked Cody on a later episode of RAW. A rematch was soon confirmed for the upcoming Night of Champions event in Saudi Arabia.

While the two stars are set for a major rematch this weekend, they are going to see each other sooner. For the upcoming episode of Monday Night RAW, both stars are scheduled to have another face-to-face.

How did Cody Rhodes describe his current WWE contract?

The RAW star left the Stamford-based promotion in 2016 and quickly created a notable reputation in the independent scene. In 2019, he was one of the people who founded AEW. He made his grand return to WWE in 2022 at WrestleMania 38 and quickly rose to the division.

After returning to the company, Cody Rhodes disclosed some details about his WWE contract on The Ringer. He shared that it was complex and that it wasn't a part-time deal. He even added that the company provided a bus so he could travel with his family.

"It may be the most complex document ever drawn out in the history of our game. This is a full multi-year commitment, not a part-time deal. I'm back doing what I used to, every day on the road. They were wonderful enough to get me a bus, so my family could be with me. I got everyone here with me tonight [for WrestleMania Saturday]. They bet on me, so I'm going to bet on WWE. I'm really looking forward to it." [H/T Wrestling Inc.]

Since Cody Rhodes' WWE contract states that he is more of a regular superstar, it won't be impossible to see if his salary will only rise in the upcoming years.

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