Dynamite comes in small packages: 10 of the best wrestlers under 200 pounds

A forgotten legend tops this list.
A forgotten legend tops this list.
Modified 01 Dec 2017
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While there will always be a place for huge athletes like Andre the Giant, Big Show, and the Undertaker, you don't have to be huge to be a great wrestler.

The bigger wrestlers may garner more attention, but it is the smaller, quicker athletes that put on the truly amazing spectacles. In fact, it is believed by most pro wrestling aficionados that the smaller wrestlers are, in fact, superior in many ways their massive cohorts.

With 205 Live being part of the WWE's big push for the indie audience and promotions like Ring of Honor which feature smaller wrestlers almost exclusively, the future has never looked brighter for the 'undersized' wrestler.

Here are ten of the best wrestlers in the world, and they are all under 200 pounds each.

#10 Billy Kidman

Kidman as Cruiserweight champion
Kidman as Cruiserweight champion

Starting off our list is Billy Kidman. The smaller sized star started his career in WCW, where he joined the popular Raven's Flock faction. While his 'gimmick' left much to be desired--he walked around dressed like a hobo and scratched himself--his fantastic work rate and deep move list quickly propelled him higher on the card than even Raven himself.

Kidman ended up feuding with no less than Hulk Hogan himself. After he made the transition to WWE, he gradually made the transition from wrestler to a trainer. Still, his career includes multiple cruiserweight title reigns as well as multiple tag team championships.

Here he is taking on both Hogan and his nephew, Horace.

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Published 01 Dec 2017
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