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Elimination Chamber 2018: Ranking Every Match from Worst to Best

Sean Anderman
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Overall a pretty good show!

RAW's final PPV was the Elimination Chamber and it's all done now. Overall the show was good and It had its moments.

5 Matches took place at the event, but to be completely honest, the women won the night over with their performances. The best match the men had was the Chamber match despite Roman Reigns winning.

The mid-card continued to struggle in this PPV as the fans were not into those matches at all. Also, the Ronda Rousey promo was really that bad. Lastly, I would count the pre-show match in this, but who cares about what happens before the PPV. So, let's rank all of the matches from worst to best.

Worst: Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt

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The crowd ruined this match!

Matt Hardy won after hitting Bray Wyatt with a Twist of Fate (9:55)

The match itself was alright, but the main reason this match was rated so low was because of the crowd. The Vegas crowd ruined this match. The fans were tossing beach balls around, doing the wave and even cheering for Rusev despite the fact that he isn't even on RAW.

The match started with Hardy playing mind games with Wyatt. It was something different. This feud lost steam a long time ago and WWE continuing it is not helping anyone. The crowd doesn't care, Wyatt continues to booked bad and Hardy is just laughing every week. This PPV could've done without this match.

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