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Opinion: Is Enzo Amore's backstage heat staged?

Ian Carey
1.65K   //    27 Sep 2017, 21:25 IST

Can Enzo Amore add spice to 205 Live?
Can Enzo Amore add spice to 205 Live?

There is as much evidence to believe Enzo Amore's recent backstage heat allegations have been staged as there is to believe they're real...

Over the last couple of weeks, Enzo Amore has surprisingly turned heel. Some wrestling pundits have criticised WWE for the move because of Enzo's strong merchandise sales. A long-held belief in wrestling is that if someone's merchandise is selling strong, that person should remain a "good guy" in order to protect that revenue stream. That is not what has occurred here, however.

"Leaked" Information on Enzo's Backstage Heat

Weeks before Enzo's on-screen heel-turn began to form, insider-news outlets began reporting that Enzo had backstage heat due to a poor attitude.

Let's quickly review all the backstage heat stories surrounding Enzo:

#1 He was reported to have been thrown off a WWE tour bus in Europe for being annoying.

#2 Enzo then had heat for bringing a few "undesirables" backstage.

#3 He then showed up in character to the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight after seemingly paying $10,000 to attend.

#4 Corey Graves mentions on commentary that he cheated on his girlfriend. Liv Morgan conveniently posts about being single not long after.

#5 An exotic dancer posted a story online about a WWE Superstar named Enzo who visited her one night and was extremely full of himself.

All of these stories came out within a few weeks of each other. Not long after, Corey Graves began burying Enzo every chance he got on commentary. Graves would also seemingly confirm the story about Enzo getting kicked off the bus on an episode of "Bring it to the Table".

What is Real and What is Story?

One theory is that Enzo's real-life heat was intense enough that WWE decided to turn him heel in front of the camera. Another possible scenario that should be considered, however, is that Enzo's backstage heat was staged as a way to prep fans for his heel turn.

Perhaps Triple H or someone else decided to leak stories to the "dirt sheets" regarding Enzo's heat as a way to add some reality to the situation.

Did WWE pay for Enzo's ticket to the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight and tell him to be as annoying as possible while there?

Liv Morgan deciding to post about being single is also suspicious. Making any kind of noise about an ex who is a big WWE star has cost names like Matt Hardy, Mickie James and Chyna their jobs before, it's a pretty risky move for someone in developmental. Perhaps she was told it would be fine.

When looking at Enzo's current role in WWE, the possibility that everything that has occurred over the last couple months has been entirely a work.

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