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Exclusive: 10 questions with Carlos Romo

Carlos Romo
Carlos Romo performing a Moonsault.
Xose Merant
Modified 06 Sep 2018, 07:43 IST

Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with three-time Triple W Tag team champion, former ATTACK! Tag team champion and current Triple W Absolute champion, wrestling trainer and one of the most famous Spanish wrestlers - Carlos Romo (FKA Adam Chase).

We spoke not only about his career in the world of wrestling, but about the situation of wrestling in Spain, as well as his experience in the United States and in the most important European promotions.

1) What can you tell about your childhood?

I was born in Cádiz and lived in Conil de la Frontera until I was 8 years old. I had better and worse moments.

We were not exactly a wealthy family, which made everything more complicated. The relationship with my classmates was not the best in the last years I was there. Even so, I keep a great memory of my childhood and my native land. Every year I visit the city at least during the carnival season.


2) How has Triple W and the Spanish wrestling scene changed since your beginnings in the ring?

It has changed a lot. When I started this was something that you wanted it or not, it was just a hobby.

Recently people are seeing that with a lot of work it is possible to reach something more. On the other hand, the Spanish scene was something almost unknown at European level.


Now, everyone (wrestlers and fans) asks us about Triple W. The level of wrestling has grown a lot in recent years, especially last season and I think if we do a good job in the coming years Triple W It will be established as one of the top European companies.


3) Why have you decided to dedicate yourself professionally to wrestling?

Because I love it and the more I do it, the more I like it. The more I learn, the more I want to learn. I think it is a unique art form, in fact there are many times that I say it is the definitive art form because it combines the best elements of sport, theater, cinema, series, creation of stories, the sensations you feel when you go to a concert ... I find it thrilling.

On the other hand, it seems to me the time to invest all my time and money in improving and improving people as much as possible and wrestle as much as I can. In a single year wrestling abroad A-Kid and I have achieved things that we did not even consider and I think that if I take that extra step the results will be very, very positive.



4) What is the anecdote you remember most about your time in the British Isles?

There was a time when I went back to playing Pokémon Go and I convinced A-Kid to also play again to take advantage of the trips. In March we spent a week in the UK with a friend of ours named Enrique and Carlos Vega (RIOT wrestler), whom we also convinced to return to play as well.

The addiction to the game was so much that there was one time in the middle of a hailstorm that we walked 100 or 200 meters in the opposite direction to catch a Cloyster, having even to log in me on Vega's mobile because I had run out of battery.

Once we caught them, the four of us looked at each other, we were soaked and we thought: "Maybe this has gone a little out of our hands" and we threw ourselves all the way home laughing at ourselves.

Today every time we remember, it ends again in laughter. There are many more and more funny and interesting anecdotes, but the vast majority includes other wrestlers, so I guess they will be for another time.


5) How would you describe your relationship with A Kid at this time?

Love-hate, more hate than love (laughs). It's a joke, we joke a lot to each other, but deep down we have a lot of appreciation and we have many things in common that unite us. However, we have almost opposite personalities and tastes, so we usually use it to bother each other.


6) What are your goals as current Triple W Absolute champion?

I want to take Triple W to the highest possible level, nationally and at European / global level.

It's that simple, I want people to enjoy as always and as never in our shows and the repercussion that I have abroad attract eyes to what we do here to make it grow and that people get interested in Triple W and Spanish wrestling, not just for me or for A-Kid.


7) What do you think about facing Jordan Devlin at Triple W: Invencibles in your first title defense as absolute Triple W champion?

I can't have more desire. It is a very tough first defense against an incredible opponent, but I will do everything possible so that the title stays at home.

Devlin has been one of the MVPs of this year in all Europe and the few people who do not know him in Tabacalera are going to be surprised.


8) Progress, RPW, wXw, Fight Club: PRO, ATTACK! Pro Wrestling… You have already been to some of the most important European promotions, as well as an experience in the United States with CHIKARA. Looking to the future do you see yourself in the United States or is Europe more convenient due to distance issues?

It really is a little irrelevant to me. I see my future where my work is appreciated and I can live from it, be it 15 minutes from my house or 8 hours by plane. Time will tell, right now what I want is to wrestle and train as much as possible, keep growing and keep enjoying.



9) What would you say to a wrestling fan that has not yet seen a Triple W show?

Don't hesitate to come to one of our shows. I personally promise that you will not be disappointed.. Whether it's the atmosphere, the matches, the characters or any other aspect of the show, I'm sure you'll want a repeat.


10) Would you like to appear as a guest at NTMEP?

I think that while I have time, I have never said no to an interview, so why not? Although a Uruguayan guy with curly hair tells me to answer that the show is garbage...



Huge thanks to Carlos Romo for taking the time to speak to me. It was an honor to speak with one of the best Spanish wrestlers of today, as well as one of the most astonishing I have seen in a ring.

You can follow Carlos Romo on Twitter here, read more about Triple W here and watch Carlos Romo's matches at Triple W here.

Published 06 Sep 2018, 07:43 IST
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