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WWE News: Mark Henry Talks about HOF, His New Website, Being A Draw and More

Mark Henry
Mark Henry
Lee Walker
Modified 21 Jun 2019, 12:14 IST

Mark Henry had a solid career in WWF/E. The World's Strongest Man would go on to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, ECW Heavyweight Championship, and the European Championship. Henry had several notable moments as being part of The Nation of Domination, Sexual Chocolate, and The Worlds Strongest Man. Here is the exclusive interview with WWE Hall of Famer, Mark Henry.

SK: We're here at The Big Event, what are these events like for you?

Henry: You know what man, it becomes like a reunion. You get to see people you haven't seen in a long time, and then there's a lot of people I've never met. It's always cool to meet people I've seen and studied and know the history of the game. 

SK: I know you were a friend of Owen Hart. What was it like to know him and be around him?

Henry: It was great knowing Owen. He was one of the funniest, more entertaining human beings that I ever met in my life. I really appreciate the fact that I was blessed to be able to ride in the car and get the kind of lessons you need as a youngster.

SK: You were part of The Nation, The Worlds Strongest Man, Sexual Chocolate, was there ever a time you thought, "This might not work," or you might not like doing it?

Henry: Naw, I was a fan, so I loved it unconditionally. When I first started, there was a lot of people that were jealous of the fact that what I made, and me being somebody coming into the sport. I hadn't really paid any dues, but I never really wanted to quit; I just wanted them to go away. 

SK: I was there at Night of Champions 2011 when you beat Randy Orton for The World Heavyweight Championship, what was it like to win the title?

Henry: It was very validating and fulfilling. The level of respect in the locker room and with the company raised because when you're able to be champion, you're on every show. You're a draw. You're a guy that leads the locker room. You're the guy that has to make sure everything is working properly. I relished that moment. I was just waiting for it. 

SK: You get the call to go into The WWE Hall of Fame, how much did that mean to you?


Henry: You know what man, that was a real emotional time and moment. I enjoyed the fact that my career spanned the time that it spanned over. I was in the ring with Flair, and so many guys like Bret Hart, the whole Attitude Era even too, just a year ago. It was a vast amount of time that past while I was doing my thing and being able to touch all those level of people, was very good to me. 

SK: What can fans expect from Mark Henry in 2019?

Henry: You know what man, a lot is going on. I'm doing appearances, Raw, and viewing parties all over the country. We've already set dates in D.C, New York, Nashville, Kansas City, Las Vegas.

My new website is It's all over social media. I want people to come in, subscribe. There's going to be a lot of cool, cool prizes, meet and greets, and that I think people will like it because it's not just wrestling. It's powerlifting; it's strongman, it's Olympic weight lifting, it's the whole t.v and film industry. I've got a lot of connections in the music industry. So it's going to be a bunch of everything. 

You can also follow the WWE Hall of Famer of on Twitter and Instagram at @TheMarkHenry. You can listen to the interview below.

Published 13 Jun 2019, 01:56 IST
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