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Exclusive: Jeff Jarrett discusses if he'll be back in WWE any time soon, All In, Impact and his big plans for 2018

Jeff Jarrett
Jeff Jarrett's year started with him joining the WWE Hall of Fame
Daniel Wood
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2018 has been a huge year for wrestling. WWE is bigger than ever, Kazuchika Okada and Kenny Omega put New Japan Pro-Wrestling on the map, Impact Wrestling has revived itself and the Bullet Club are heading towards one of the biggest independent wrestling shows there has ever been with 'All In'.

2018 has also been a big year for a man whose 32-year career in the industry has seen him, at one point or another, placed firmly at the center of all of the above, I'm of course talking about the WWE legend (as of April 2018) Jeff Jarrett.

That's right, big things are happening for Jeff Jarrett in 2018 too. Already this year he became WWE's most improbable but arguably most deserved 2018 Hall of Fame inductee, he captured the AAA Heavyweight Title becoming a two-time Mega Champion and this month he's embarking on a tour of the UK with a candid tell-all show.

That just seems to be the tip of the iceberg for what Jarrett has planned in 2018, proving that once again he is a man that will always land on his feet in the wrestling industry. I was lucky enough to talk to Jeff Jarrett about his incredible year so far and what he's got in store for us for the rest of the year.

Jeff Jarrett prepares to reveal all later this month
Jeff Jarrett prepares to reveal all later this month

First up, Jeff Jarrett is doing something he's never done before, an intimate candid one-man show where he'll lift the lid on several of the big moments in his career. We asked him about this and why he felt like now was a good time to do something different.


First of all Jeff, can you tell me how the 'Ain't He Great' Tour came about?

Jeff Jarrett: You know this all sort of came about based off the Hall of Fame situation, I got the call early January, it was announced in February, the ceremony obviously around WrestleMania, April 6th this year, 32 years to the day since I had my first match. And then the promoters Hooked on Events, and one thing led to another, and Event Merch, who I've done business with for many many years, they all sort of collectively contacted me and thought I'd be a good idea if I came over.

It's my first one, it's pretty unique, 32 years into my career, Hall of Fame, and my first spoken word tour's going to be in London, that in itself is to me, very humbling, a very very humbling situation. Just announced this week that Kenny McIntosh is going to be the host and he's the who's who of these types of event.

You'll be talking candidly about some of the more notable moments of your career, what kind of things can we expect to hear?


Jeff Jarrett: It is going to be a no holds barred, and we've had a couple of candid conversations, that quite frankly the cameras should have been rolling for these conversations, because I told [Kenny McIntosh] that I'm a promoter, obviously I'm a wrestling fan first and foremost and then a professional wrestler, but also a promoter and I well recognised that people paid their hard earned money.

And for this type of situation it's not a wrestling match they're going to see, so the action in and of itself is not high-flying, but the answers and the questions need to be high-flying and hard-hitting. We got a lot of ground to cover in my 32-year career but I'm certainly looking forward to it and I know Kenny is going to bring his A-Game so I better bring mine

With the Hall of Fame happening this year, did now feel like the right time to do something like this?

Jeff Jarrett: So the timing yeah, the short answer is the timing is right, we got a lot of very exciting things with Fite TV and we're going to be rolling out more and more projects quite frankly about the time this interview probably is published so I'm super excited, I'm really, really excited about 2018 and beyond.

Coming up, find out what Jeff has to say about his shock AAA title win, the Bullet Club, All-In, the state of wrestling in India, his future in WWE and so much more.

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Published 08 Jul 2018, 21:44 IST
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