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Exclusive: Josh Mathews talks about the possibility of Chris Jericho joining Impact Wrestling

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Josh Mathews talked about Chris Jericho coming to Impact Wrestling!
Josh Mathews talked about Chris Jericho coming to Impact Wrestling

Former WWE Commentator and current Impact Wrestling staffer and commentator, Josh Mathews was part of Impact Wrestling's teleconference call. He talked about how he was excited about a brand new Impact and talked about the upcoming show.

He mentioned that the upcoming show had Pentagon Jr. and Sami Callahan's match was so dangerous that Mathews and Don Callis had been moved from their usual ringside spot to the top of the stage, to stay out of their way.

I got the chance to ask him a question, and Mathews answered revealing more about Impact's plans with a big signing.

There are rumours of Jericho coming to Impact Wrestling. Can you confirm or deny this?

Josh Mathews:

"I can't do either. Anything's possible in wrestling and anything's possible in today's wrestling scene to be sure, if I were to confirm it I would be lying, and if I were to deny it, I would be lying. I can't say either way. If it were to happen would I be surprised? Not really. I would be thrilled if it happened. But you know, if you look at everything and the involvement that we have with the Jericho cruise and all of that, all signs point to, hopefully, as a fan, something will happen."

While Josh did not completely confirm the fact that Chris Jericho would be coming to Impact, from his answers there remains a huge hope that it could be so. With Impact Wrestling joined with the Jericho Cruise in the way that they are, a future collaboration, where Jericho comes to Impact is far from unbelievable.

As of this moment, Jericho joining Impact Wrestling is far from confirmed, but with the former WWE Star's involvement in NJPW and his appearances on the Independent Scene, a future run with Impact Wrestling looks likely at this point.

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