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Exclusive: Kavita Devi comments on Indian women wanting to be WWE superstars, Indian tryouts & more!

Riju Dasgupta
21 Jan 2019, 18:10 IST

Kavita Devi returned back home to India to select WWE's next batch of talent!
Kavita Devi returned back home to India to select WWE's next batch of talent!

This is my second interview with Kavita Devi in under a month and there's a good reason for the same. WWE has identified India as one of its primary markets, and like my interview with Canyon Ceman indicates, the company wants to produce localised content with local talent from the country.

Devi, who went all the way from India to WrestleMania 34, was back in India to pick the next lot of potential WWE superstars. I caught up with her and asked her a few questions about the casting call that WWE conducted in Chandigarh and Rohtak, in the North of India.

Here is how our conversation went.

Did you feel that everyone who showed up for the Casting Call had the same passion and hunger to become a WWE superstar that you did when you were selected?

Devi: Absolutely. I can't believe the passion that both boys and girls have for WWE. I could not even imagine that so many Indian females would be interested in becoming WWE Superstars. Everywhere we go, there's a whole bunch of girls that turn up!

I'm so happy because, before this, a female in India could not even dream of such opportunities. After watching me become a WWE Superstar, they too are convinced that they can follow their dreams. This is a very proud moment!

What percentage of applicants would you say were female?

Devi: It depends on where we go, but I would say 20-30%.

So, have you noticed the same level of skill in this lot of applicants that you've noticed in established WWE superstars?

Devi: They are all passionate and driven. It remains to be seen who will be able to stand out and excel in the final tryouts in Mumbai. Everyone has come prepared to follow their WWE dreams, of course. All of them want to create an impression.

What advice would you give to these shortlisted WWE superstars for the final round in Mumbai?

Devi: All I want to say is that these opportunities don't come your way too many times in life. And these tryouts could potentially change your life. You cannot afford to make a mistake. Everything in your life has led up to this moment in time. You have to show the world what you are made of, guys!

So, when you return to the Performance Center after this, what will your routine be like?

Devi: It will be the same as it was. From the morning itself, we're training or gymming. We're incredibly busy. I'm trying my best to stay focused on the road. The travel involved in these tryouts is gruelling. But the grind will start once again.

When an Indian WWE Superstar has to move to the Performance Center, what are the challenges that she/he has to potentially face?

Devi: My main issue was the language barrier. I'm still trying my best to get coached in the English language.

Everyone in the Performance Center behaves like we're part of one big family. Everyone is so nice and well behaved. They always make us feel like we're part of the WWE family. They're so respectful.

And finally, who's your pick for the Women's Royal Rumble?

Devi: It could be anyone.

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