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Exclusive: Kevin Sullivan talks about PCW Ultra, Pentagon Jr and more

911   //    30 Apr 2018, 21:42 IST

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Sportskeeda recently caught up with WCW legend Kevin Sullivan, who opened up about a variety of topics. In part 1, he spoke about PCW Ultra, the promotion he now works with, and lavished praise on Pentagon Jr and Stephan Bonner.

Q: What do you want to achieve with PCW Ultra and what are some of your goals?

A: Our goal is to provide an alternative to the WWE product. Wrestling is like an ice cream shop, and there are a number of flavours to choose from. We also have an incredible array of talent to work with. Our last show was headlined by Pentagon Jr vs Rob Van Dam, which is a main event in any promotion around the world.

Sami Callihan is coming back, we also have Shane Strickland, Eli Everfly and several other great performers. We've had an unbelievable 2-year growth for any promotion. We also have legends such as Terry Funk, Stan Hansen and Rickie Steamboat, who will appear on our show. We just have a great mix of legends and up-and-coming Superstars.

Q: Pentagon Jr is the Heavyweight Champion and one of PCW Ultra's biggest stars. What do you think he can achieve in his career?

A: I think he can go down as a Hall of Famer — that's for sure. I think the torch has been passed from Rey Mysterio to him. He wears colourful outfits, puts on great performances and just connects with the audience. He's also won the Heavyweight Championship with Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground.

They wouldn't be making him champion in all of these promotions if he didn't have something special in him. He beat Rob Van Dam at our last show, and he beat John Morrisson. Guys just don't become champions in multiple promotions if they didn't have something special.

Q: Stephan Bonner is slated to appear at PCW Ultra's May fourth show. What sort of value does he bring to the table?

A: I think he brings the same value that Ronda Rousey brought to WWE. Stephan Bonner is a UFC Hall of Famer and a legend in the world of MMA. PCW Ultra has great Lucha matches, catch wrestling and different styles of wrestling. I think Bonner can bring a different dimension to the promotion.

I expect him to challenge Pentagon Jr sometime in the future. Pentagon Jr has beaten some big names, but Bonner will give him a completely different challenge.

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