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Exclusive: Kevin Sullivan thinks that The Undertaker should perform as the American Badass

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In part 3 of his interview with Sportskeeda, Kevin Sullivan commented on Roman Reigns and said that he would like to see The Undertaker return as The American Badass.

Q: Do you have any other issues with the way WWE have booked Roman Reigns?

A: When the Shield debuted and were one of the hottest acts in WWE, I thought Roman was the breakout star. It's no accident that he was always in the middle when the three of them walked down the aisle. It's because your eyes naturally focus on the guy in the middle. The scripted promos weren't great for him when he broke away from the Shield.

I also think there's a bit of a Catch-22 situation because the more they try to make him a sympathetic figure, the more the fans turn on him. I also have an issue with the Superman Punch because if Superman punches a villain once, the villain usually stays down. I think they should protect that move a little more.

He needs to tell the fans that he doesn't care if they boo him and tell them that he's a winner. It's the same thing that worked with Mike Tyson, Ronda Rousey and Goldberg. I think he needs to go on a winning streak.

Q: Who are some of the Superstars you'd have Reigns beat on television?

A: I'd go as far as to feed him John Cena and The Undertaker on television. I know he's beaten him at WrestleMania, but if you want a huge Raw, why not have Reigns wrestle The Undertaker. To me, no one has drawn more money in the history of wrestling over a long period of time than The Undertaker, but the torch has to be passed.

Q: You were just talking about The Undertaker who made an emphatic return at WrestleMania and is expected to have a number of matches throughout the year. Is he in Terry Funk territory with all his retirement teases where he can no longer have an effective retirement match?

A: I think wrestling is in his blood. Terry Funk has retired 26 times that I know of. It was a pretty similar situation. I think if Reigns can beat The Undertaker again on television, he can go away for a little bit. Just as Reigns has a good heel run and starts to get cheered, you could have a few other heels gang up on him.


Then, when Reigns needs a tag-team partner, he can call on The Undertaker. I think The Undertaker returning as Reigns' tag-team partner would get a huge pop. And I think he should come back as The American Badass.

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