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Exclusive: Maxwell Jacob Friedman talks Steve Austin, All In & what's ahead for him

  • The MLW & CZW champion spoke with Sportskeeda's Darren Paltrowitz
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 18:53 IST

Maxwell Jacob Friedman / Photo courtesy of Maxwell Jacob Friedman
Maxwell Jacob Friedman / Photo courtesy of Maxwell Jacob Friedman

Known as pro-wrestling's first 1-percenter, Maxwell Jacob Friedman is often associated with the finer things in life. This includes championships, as Friedman is currently the reigning World Middleweight Champion of MLW.

2018 has been a great year both in and out of the ring for the Long Island, New York native. Beyond wrestling at ALL IN, Friedman was part of a recent episode of Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast. Furthermore, back in April, Friedman became the holder of the CZW World Heavyweight Championship.

I had the pleasure of doing Q&A with Maxwell Jacob Friedman and part 1 of that interview is below for Sportskeeda. The man known as "MJF" can be followed on Instagram and Twitter via @the_mjf.

You are one of the top wrestlers on the independent circuit. When did it become obvious that you had a great career ahead of you? 

Maxwell Jacob Friedman: I mean, right away, obviously. Look at me. There is no one in the industry present day that is as well-rounded as me. I’m the total package. On the mic I can use my words to cut you open like a knife. And in the ring I can do it all. So yeah. I always knew I was going to be among the best in the world in this sport.

You were recently a guest on Steve Austin's podcast. How did that opportunity come about? 

Maxwell Jacob Friedman: Steve saw my work and knew right away he needed me on his show. And he was right. My episode with him was the most talked about one in years. 

Did anything surprise about Steve and whole podcasting experience? 


Maxwell Jacob Friedman: Not really. However, it was cool to hear one of the greatest to ever lace 'em say that I’m clearly the future of this industry. 

Is there a career accomplishment that you are most proud of? 

Maxwell Jacob Friedman: I’d say All In. It was awesome to hear 11,000+ people know exactly who I am. And then all my championships I’ve held. Too many to list. Go check out Google if you can afford internet. If you can, congrats, you are only slightly less poor than I had expected.

What do the next few months look like for you career-wise?

Maxwell Jacob Friedman: I mean, I’ve already wrestled for nearly every top-tier wrestling promotion in the world. There are few places left to go. My new goals are places like PWG, New Japan, Ring Of Honor and Impact. 

Is there something you wish more people knew about you?

Maxwell Jacob Friedman: That while I may seem incredibly humble and handsome and incredibly kind and smart, I’m not totally perfect. I mean, it’s not like I’m one of the most talked about names in the industry in 3 years... oh wait. 

Finally, any last word for the kids? 

Maxwell Jacob Friedman: If you have a dream or a goal in mind, stop everything you are doing and reach for it. Relentlessly chase it. But just realize you will never be as good as me at anything you attempt to do in life. The second you understand that you’ll be at peace. Because I’m better than you and you know it. 

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Published 25 Sep 2018, 07:10 IST
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