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Exclusive: NXT UK's Kay Lee Ray opens up on her journey to WWE and competing in a Party Games Match

Kay Lee Ray spoke with Sportskeeda ahead of NXT UK Glasgow
Kay Lee Ray spoke with Sportskeeda ahead of NXT UK Glasgow
Gary Cassidy
Modified 20 Apr 2019, 20:56 IST

While Kay Lee Ray only recently signed with WWE after appearing at NXT UK TakeOver Blackpool, the fiery star from Glasgow actually debuted in WWE back in 2015 and has appeared sporadically ever since.

Three-time, and current, ICW Women's Champion, Ray shared the ring with Nia Jax in 2015, before competing in the May Young Classic in 2017 - but finally got her first WWE win in March of this year on her NXT UK in-ring debut, defeating Candy Floss.

Kay Lee Ray is also the current Insane Championship Wrestling Women's Champion, defeating Piper Niven - who makes a guest appearance in this interview, in a Queen of Insanity Match!

So, what's next for Ray, who's a veteran of the squared circle at only 26 years old? Well, we caught up with her ahead of the NXT UK Glasgow tapings to find out...

So, Kay Lee, you're no stranger to WWE, having appeared in NXT back in 2015 against Nia Jax, and also the Mae Young Classic. Do you think those sporadic appearances have given you a nice basis to get your NXT UK career off to a flyer?

I do. I like to say that I picked my time quite nicely here, but all of those experiences just helped me become a better wrestler so I could get to the point where I could get into NXT UK and learn even more now. The facilities we've got at NXT UK are fantastic. Coming in established, honed my craft...

Kay Lee represented Scotland in the MYC
Kay Lee represented Scotland in the MYC

With your match against Nia Jax in 2015 on NXT and your Mae Young Classic appearance, was it always just a matter of time before you returned to WWE or was there a nervous wait?

I wouldn't say it was a nervous wait because I love what I did. It's great to have this as a career achievement and to finally be here and doing it, but all of the stuff I did before, I had a lifetime of doing it...

Piper Niven: Ten years!

KLR: Literally ten years.

When people are doing that, they almost don't enjoy what they're doing. Go out there, enjoy yourself, begin to know yourself because I've said this a few times, but Pro Wrestling EVE down in England. That's like a special little show that goes on and my confidence went way up with that! The fans were there and you can just go enjoy yourself.

I think things like that have helped shape me.

You've worked with Nia Jax among others in WWE but, if you could choose anyone, who would be your dream opponent in WWE?

Becky Lynch. She's the one with the big target on her back right now. If you're going to go for it, you go for the top and she knows she's got that target on her back.


As far as NXT UK, who do you have your sights set on?

You'll just have to wait and see! Can't give away too many spoilers, can we?

Not counting NXT UK, if you had to go to RAW, SmackDown or NXT, what brand would you choose and why?

I think I would actually choose NXT because I would like to do that before!

A random one. It doesn't matter who your opponent is - you can choose one stipulation for a match, what would it be?

I'm going to go a hard left for this one - a Party Games Match!


Piper Niven: Can we tell them about this one? Ah, might as well. Once, at Pro Wrestling Eve, we were having a match and it was Kay Lee's birthday and a lot of the girls are saying, "We can't wait to see you and Kay Lee's match, we're so excited, it's going to be amazing. You've wrestled everywhere." We thought, "Mm-hmm".

So I thought, "We're going to play Snap and Pass The Parcel as a joke."

Kay Lee Ray: So we played Snap, Pass The Parcel, Connect Four, Slaps, Musical Chairs. So, yeah, a Party Games Match because that's by far one of my favorite matches!

Piper Niven: Yeah, we managed to get Snap and Pass The Parcel, Musical Chairs, into a match - that can be the proudest achievement!

Kay Lee Ray: And still have a really good match as well! Go out of your way to see it.

Finally, I have one final, super controversial question to ask you, and I'm sorry if it causes any offense...

Pineapple on pizza, yea or nay?

Savory and sweet don't go together, but I don't even like pancakes. Just... Eurgh. No!

Thanks to WWE and Kay Lee Ray. You can catch Kay Lee in action on NXT UK every Wednesday on the WWE Network or follow her on Twitter here.

You can also catch more of Kay Lee in Piper Niven's interview here.

Published 20 Apr 2019, 20:56 IST
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