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Fantasy Booking : 5 Mentors for current NXT superstars

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986   //    04 Sep 2018, 14:37 IST

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NXT started as a breeding ground, for up and coming superstars who came there to hone their skills. Over the years, it has evolved itself from more than a developmental territory to being the third brand of WWE and continued to outperform their main roster counterparts.

During its first season, NXT came out with an interesting concept of main roster Pros mentoring NXT Rookies, which brought out one of the best current storylines in WWE, The Miz vs Daniel Bryan. From The Miz mentoring Bryan to Bryan beating him for his US title, Bryan got a major rub which eventually marked his presence on the main roster.

In this article, we will be going through different combinations of NXT superstars with their main roster mentors which could provide them with a perfect platform to debut on the main roster.

Honorable Mentions

Tyler Bate mentored by Kurt Angle

Dakota Kai mentored by Bayley

Lars Sullivan mentored by Braun Strowman

Johnny Gargano mentored by Daniel Bryan

All the above-mentioned pairs have been chosen due to similarities in their characters. While they all deserved to be on the list, they got cut short because of a lack of interesting storylines from my end.

Pete Dunne mentored by the Miz  got off the list because it would be similar to the one feud that became the inspiration for this article, with The Miz being the heel mentor, always talking down on Dunne, like he did to Bryan, then Dunne snapping out of this Rookie – Mentor skit and breaking The Miz in half.

The current UK champ isn't shy to snap off anyone
The current UK champ isn't shy to snap off anyone

Let us move on to the main card where the mentors could be an actual help to the rookies in cementing their place on the main roster by giving them the initial rub. 

#1 Tommaso Ciampa mentored by Dean Ambrose

Ambrose would be the perfect lunatic to mentor a psycho
Ambrose would be the perfect lunatic to mentor a psycho

All hell will break loose when these two psychotic unstable superstars come face to face. Tommaso, after his heel turn, has been absolutely ruthless and despicable. Pairing him up with the Lunatic Fringe and that too as his mentor could cause chaos.

Every situation, whether they are on the same page or at each other’s throat, is going to be interesting and fun to watch. The constant scuffles between these two eccentric superstars is going to be must-see TV.

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