Finn Balor defeats WWE Hall of Famer on RAW with help from former champion

Finn Balor emerged victorious on WWE RAW
Finn Balor is a part of The Judgment Day

Finn Balor collided with former WWE Champion Rey Mysterio on the latest edition of Monday Night RAW.

The Master of the 619 opened the show and spoke about his match against his son Dominik at WrestleMania 39, which he won. He was then confronted by The Judgment Day member, who blamed his loss on Bad Bunny. Dominik stated that he didn't want to fight his own father and introduced Finn Balor as the WWE Hall of Famer's opponent.

The Prince was dominant at the start of the match. After Rey came off the ropes, Finn took him down with a lariat. He then locked the latter in a headlock. Mysterio broke out of the submission and sent Balor out of the ring with a hurricanrana.

After the commercial break, Rey hit the former Universal Champion with a bulldog and followed it up with several punches. He then performed a senton off the top rope and hit a springboard crossbody for a two count. The WWE Legend went for the 619, but ran into a clothesline.

Balor tried to hit the Coup de Grace, but was stopped in his tracks. Rey Mysterio hit him with a 619 and went for a splash, but Finn Balor got his knees up. The former tag team champion tried to hit his father with a chain, but Rey knocked him off the apron.

While the referee was distracted, Dominik hit his dad with the chain, and Finn Balor capitalized by successfully performing the Coup de Grace to win the match via pinfall.

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