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Finn Balor vs. Brock Lesnar: The Marquee feud that will finally happen

Finn Balor wants Brock Lesnar, but WWE must adjust The Beast's booking to make it work.

Feature 01 May 2017, 09:50 IST
Finn Balor called out Brock Lesnar at Payback

Finn Balor wants Brock Lesnar.

The Irish-born Superstar made his intentions known during Miz TV on the WWE Payback Kickoff Show. Balor told Miz that he wants his Universal Championship back, and that announcement had the San Jose crowd pop.

It’s a match full of possibilities, and a rivalry with a world of potential. Fans want to see Finn do well, and that’s been the case since the day he debuted on the main roster. Working the industry’s biggest name can do amazing things for Balor, and he could go further than he’s ever gone before. But there is cause for concern.

That shouldn’t be the case, however. Fans shouldn’t be worried about this future match-up. In fact, they should be anticipating it. Balor is extremely talented, he’s worked some of the world’s top stars and he’s as tough as they come. He could be the perfect opponent for Brock.

But this is The Beast Incarnate. This is the man that the WWE has booked like a God during his career, and it’s the same man that rarely ever loses. Lesnar is The Incredible Hulk, Superman and Wolverine all rolled into one. 

Brock Lesnar is the unstoppable Universal champion

He’s the irresistible force and the immovable object. Lesnar doesn’t give up, he never backs down and he can’t be stopped. He’s not the Mike Tyson of his generation; he’s something much more dangerous. He’s a heartless fighter whose path of destruction has been created by a company that wants him to be on top.

Lesnar has the keys to the kingdom.

While Roman Reigns can’t get over as a babyface despite how hard he works, Lesnar is cheered in arenas all over the world even though he’s a heel. Fans love him because he’s the real deal, but they should hate him for never being there. The Beast Incarnate is untouchable, he can do no wrong and he shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

This is the man that fans want to see step into the ring against Finn Balor. But is it the right move? Considering WWE’s track record when it comes to Lesnar, what good can come of a feud with Balor now? Do fans really believe Finn can pull off the upset? Would it even be an upset at this point?

Balor is a top player, there’s no doubt about it. In any other scenario, he could feasibly defeat anyone put in front of him. But an ordinary opponent will not be waiting for him on the other side of the ring and even Balor’s supporters can’t truly believe that he stands a chance against Brock.

It’s not about putting limitations on Balor; it’s about understanding the reality of Lesnar. What would make WWE change the way Brock is booked now? Even with Balor’s main event placement, the company surely does not want to cause Lesnar to lose a step. If that happens, then his value will be affected.

The Demon King could be the perfect foil for Brock Lesnar

From a distance, a match between a WWE legend and a New Era Superstar makes perfect sense. The company is moving ahead, and the only way to evolve is to get the newer stars moving in the right direction. Lesnar doing business with Balor looks like a good idea on paper, but the truth may be a bit harder for fans to accept.

But what if this is the moment that WWE flips the switch? Lesnar’s current run may end after WrestleMania 34 in 2018, so what if the time is right for him to start winding down? Maybe the time has come for Lesnar to start giving back to WWE, and finally, begin putting over younger Superstars.

Balor could be one of those Superstars. He’s got the charisma and showmanship that WWE wants in a main event star, and he has the talent to go along with it. If there’s anyone in WWE who could benefit from a win over Lesnar and truly make something of it, it’s Balor.

Then there’s the fact that Balor’s alter ego would be the most unique character that Brock has perhaps ever seen. The Demon King is an otherworldly force, an entity that owns every ring he steps into.

He would also be the most psychological Superstar that Lesnar has ever faced. No one with the possible exception of The Undertaker has ever gotten into the head of Brock Lesnar. But that could all change in a feud with Balor.

The Demon King versus The Beast Incarnate is a dream match that fans didn’t know they wanted, and it could become a reality sooner rather than later. At this point, maybe it’s the right move for everyone involved. 

Balor deserves the spotlight that comes along with facing Lesnar. WWE needs marquee matches for Balor, and none is bigger than this one. With any luck, the company is ready to start adjusting Lesnar’s booking to benefit the roster in the long run. It’s not about squashing Brock; it’s about Brock no longer squashing every New Era talent he faces.

It’s Finn Balor’s time and he will rise to the occasion. Hopefully, WWE will open the door for that to happen.

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