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Finn Balor's Booking Options for WWE WrestleMania 33

Anthony Mango
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WWE superstar Finn Balor
Finn Balor has made his return to the ring!

Although we are still a few weeks away from WrestleMania 33, most of the pieces of the puzzle are starting to line up and as such, the card is starting to fill up rather quickly. This is making it more and more obvious how a handful of names are being left out of the loop, which causes speculation as to what those Superstars will be up to when WWE comes to the Camping World Stadium on April 2nd.

One of those men whose status is up in the air is Finn Balor. Although only being on the main roster for a short time, he is undoubtedly a top star who fans would love to see in some fashion.

Since his injury has kept him off television for the past few months, absolutely nothing has been done with him to indicate that he has a spot for him on the show.

However, on March 10th at a WWE Live event in Buffalo, New York, Finn Balor made his surprising return to in-ring action, wrestling in a six-man tag team match.

Since he is obviously cleared to compete, what does this mean for his chances of appearing at WrestleMania and what options might be available?

#1 Backstage promo

Demon Finn Balor
With The Undertaker, Bray Wyatt and others in the arena, why not have a demon hanging out backstage as well?

WWE may very well want to continue testing Finn Balor’s health and keep him out of the ring, so if that is the case, some sort of promo backstage would be a means to get him to make an appearance while also eliminating all of the risks of further aggravating his injury.

Every year at WrestleMania, there are a few interstitials to break things up, allow fans to get something to eat or use the bathroom, or just act as a reset for our brains so we aren’t staring at the same ring for six hours straight.

During those segments, legends of old and current Superstars tend to interact with each other and have a little bit of fun.

Since he’s a fan favourite, having Balor show up to say his regards to another wrestler before that Superstar goes out to wrestle could work, or he could announce that he’s coming back soon or just show up in his demon makeup to scare off The Boogeyman if that’s what WWE has in mind.

This would all be underwhelming for those who wish to see him compete, but it would at least be better than nothing and it would be the absolute easiest thing to plan around in regards to his health.

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