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Fired Superstar reveals what Triple H told him backstage prior to his release from WWE

Modified 21 Dec 2019, 01:06 IST


Anyone who has followed Impact Wrestling or NWA Powerrr knows what a talented performer Eli Drake is. The NWA Superstar is not only one of the best talkers in the business today but has also held the Impact Wrestling World Championship in the past.

However, his luck with WWE was not as good as the Superstar had a very short-lived tenure with the company in 2014 plagued by his constant issues with Bill Demott. Drake appeared on Steve Austin's podcast recently and talked about a variety of topics including what Triple H told him before he was released.

Here is what Eli Drake said on what The Game told him prior to him being fired:

I went up to talk to him the night before and was like, ‘Hey, I don’t know if you know a lot about what I’m doing, but I’d like an opportunity to showcase, whether it’s character, talking, whatever, and I tried to make some pitches.’ And he’s like, ‘No, I know about you, you’re very talented, everybody’s been putting you over, problem is, you’re your own worst enemy.’
So he starts naming off the time I went up and talked to Bill in the office, which again, same way I’m talking to you now, there was no yelling, there was no tone raising, there was nothing, it was just literally, sat down and said, ‘Bill, I gotta know what’s the heat.’ That was it and we talked from then on.

(H/T: Lordsofpain)

The Namer of Dummies also spoke about his issues with Demott and also stated that he is a very passionate person which could be the reason some people percieve him to be difficult to work with.

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Published 21 Nov 2019, 23:00 IST
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