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The first episode of WWE SmackDown Roster: Where are they now?

Daniel Massey
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Modified 19 Dec 2019, 10:42 IST

Let the bodies hit the floor...
Let the bodies hit the floor...

WWE’s resident ‘B Show’ had its beginnings nearly 20 years ago in August 1999. This followed a pilot that aired in April 1999 but it now had a completely new set, its own network and all the main eventers that were running the WWF at the time.

The Ovaltron gave SmackDown a completely new look to what people were used to. Coupled with the blue ropes, this gave the WWF a fresh look and the show debuted when ratings were high and the Attitude Era was in full swing. There was no doubt a second show was needed to further storylines, and capitalise on the success it was having.

A new TV deal with UPN would bring in a lot more needed revenue. At the time, WWE was a private company and despite doing much better in the ratings, did not make half as much money as it does today.

The crowd were hot, the card was packed and the excitement was high on the premiere episode of the blue brand and it did not disappoint. Jim Ross and Jerry The King Lawler were on commentary to ensure that the show went off without a hitch and they automatically bring legitimacy to anything they commentate on, so that helped a lot in making the show feel as important as Monday Night Raw.

The first episode hailed from Kansas City in front of a sell-out crowd and is notable for how good the matches were and how explosive the show was, but what has happened to the superstars that made up the roster for the first episode of WWE SmackDown?

Let’s take a look.

The Mean Street Posse

The Mean Street Posse had quite a role in the first ever episode of SmackDown as they were seen several times throughout the show. They were involved in the opening brawl with The Rock, Triple H, Mankind and Shane McMahon, attempting to come to Shane’s aid, but unsuccessfully as The Rock and Mankind dispatched of them with relative ease.

They were seen once again in the match with Mankind and Shane McMahon, beating Test in the moments before the match started. Test would eventually get the better of them of course. Throughout their career, they were used as enhancement talent and were always on the bad end of a beating from a much better superstar.


All three have retired from wrestling, leaving the company in 2001 having been in developmental after their usefulness had run dry. According to an article in several years ago, Pete Gas now works for an office supply company and released a book earlier this year titled Looking At The Lights: My Path From A Fan To A Wrestling Heel. Rodney owns his own landscaping company and Joey Abs works in a family owned car repair shop.

At least they’ll have some cool stories to tell their grandkids.

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Published 06 Aug 2017, 10:36 IST
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