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5 Controversial Lana Segments In WWE

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Has WWE gone too far with storylines involving Lana?

What happened in Milwaukee?

Believe it or not, that's the question on a lot of fans minds after Aiden English debuted his expose video of Lana coming to his hotel room and one has to wonder where exactly WWE is going with this. Furthermore, what does this storyline mean for the superstars that are involved in this very attitude era type storyline?

Interestingly enough, this isn't even the first time that WWE has portrayed Lana as promiscuous and sleeping around and it probably won't even be the last time either. Of course, WWE could always have a change of heart as time goes on and it at least seems like the duo are ok with this, but why does it keep happening to them?

While its impossible to answer that question, especially without knowing what WWE thinks of the power couple, it is possible to show a pattern of WWE repeatedly doing this. In fact, WWE has done this so many times with Lana that they should be utterly ashamed of themselves

Here are five controversial Lana segments that WWE should be most ashamed of.

#5 Lana lures Enzo to her hotel room

WWE, Lana,
shouldn't have done this to Lana.

Remember that time Lana lured Enzo Amore into a beatdown?

Not only was it one of those rare times in today's WWE that the company decided to do something edgy and unique, it was also that rare moment when a women superstar was being portrayed as promiscuous. Unfortunately for Enzo Amore, Lana's seduction was only a ruse and Amore ended up getting his ass kicked by Rusev moments into the segment.

With that being said, WWE was in the midst of its Women's revolution at this point, which makes the segment all the more bizarre. Add in the fact that Lana bent over for him in a short robe, sucked on a cherry inches from his mouth and told him to take off his pants and you have one of the biggest examples of women getting no respect in even today's WWE.

In the end, it was pretty bizarre, but it was also in the realm of possibilities considering that both Rusev and Lana were heels. It also made sense that Lana would lure Amore to her hotel room since Rusev and Enzo Amore were in a feud at the time, but maybe this wasn't the right direction for WWE to go in.

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