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5 female WWE superstars that turned out to be complete busts

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Bayley is one of many female superstars that turned out to be complete busts.

Not everyone lives up to the hype.

Whether that is due to being held down by management or just not having the personality capable of captivating an audience, there are a multitude of superstars that for one reason or another turned out to be complete busts.

Keep in mind that doesn't mean they were horrible or undeserving of what they did accomplish, it just means that there was so much more there.

With that being said and the ever evolving nature of The Women's Revolution in mind, here are five female WWE superstars that turned out to be complete busts.

What qualifies them as a bust will vary from person to person, but will usually be measured by what the expectations were and what the ultimate result was.

#5 Asuka

Should The Empress of Tomorrow be considered a complete bust?

While some might think that its too early to call Asuka a complete bust, especially since she hasn't even been on the roster a year yet, what WWE has managed to do to her during that time is deserving of the moniker bust.

In fact, her loss to Carmella at Money In The Bank in June is yet another sign of her being a complete bust on the main roster.

Its no secret that a lot of Asuka's appeal came from her undefeated streak and her aggressive style in the ring, but once WWE took that away from her, she pretty much has nothing else to stand on.

Of course that's not to say she isn't an extremely talented in ring competitor and capable of having a great match with anyone, but she doesn't have much beyond that.

Another thing that is obviously holding Asuka back is the fact that she doesn't do very well with promos, which really hurts her when trying to get fans behind her.

In the end, her loss at WrestleMania 34, her loss a few weeks later on SmackDown Live and her loss at Money in the Bank shows that she has completely floundered on the main roster!

And that makes her a complete bust!

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