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5 More Ways WWE Made Fans Get Behind Roman Reigns

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Published Aug 07, 2018
Aug 07, 2018 IST

Roman Reigns,
Your'e starting to like Roman Reigns, aren't you?

What did WWE do to Roman Reigns?

While the powerhouse of The Shield was usually regarded as an overhyped Vince McMahon project that was being shoved down fans throats, it seems WWE has achieved the impossible and actually gotten fans behind him. In fact, it seems to have worked so well that The WWE Universe will react positively when Reigns defeats Lesnar for the title.

With that being said, how exactly is WWE doing this and what will they do with Reigns moving forward are important questions to ask and kind of fun to break down to see how its all happening. In fact, there are so many different variables at play with what WWE is doing with Reigns right now that its almost impossible to not be intrigued a little bit.

Of course, some are going to point to the fans that still boo him as proof that the plan is not working, but those people seem to be proving more and more that it is working. Think about it! The crowd is audibly more split than ever on whether to boo or cheer Reigns and his reactions are slowly starting to get more and more positive as time goes on.

But how is WWE achieving all this? To answer that question, here are five ways WWE tricked the crowd into rooting for Roman Reigns on this week's edition of Monday Night Raw. Everything from his match with Baron Corbin to him being removed from the tag team match with Rollins will be discussed, but the psychology behind the decisions is what is important here.

#5 Putting him up against Baron Corbin.

Baron Corbin, WWE,
Baron Corbin is the perfect heel to put up against Roman Reigns!

WWE likely picked Baron Corbin as Roman Reigns next opponent for two reasons. The first reason is that Corbin has already been doing a good job being The Authority figure that is holding Finn Balor down, which will translate in fans already hating him. The second reason is that it was the logical followup from Reigns punching Corbin out last week.

With that being said, another interesting part of the storytelling WWE used in this match was when Corbin attacked Reigns before the match even started. Not only did this instantly build sympathy for Roman Reigns among fans, it also worked to make him come across as an underdog for the rest of the match.

In the end, it was brilliant storytelling and a very nice touch to have him pick up the win in their match. Reigns looked like an underdog for most of the match, which was a great way to get fans behind him early on, but it was the assist that Reigns had that made the moment even that much more special.

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