5 PG era Intercontinental Champions who won the World Championship

Ziggler with the Intercontinental Gold
Modified 18 Jan 2018
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The Intercontinental Championship is one of the oldest and most prestigious titles that WWE has at present. The title has changed hands for a total of 162 times. It has been held by 79 different superstars. However, the Intercontinental championship is often portrayed as a sidekick and is never acknowledged or given its proper due.

But, there are a few superstars who won the Intercontinental title and have also held World Championships. Here is a list of five such wrestlers from the PG era.

#5 The Miz

Miz with the WWE Championship
Miz with the WWE Championship

Miz won the Intercontinental Championship seven times and is third on the list for the maximum number of reigns. He held the title for 523 days, which is the third highest number of days in the WWE.

Miz went on to hold the WWE Championship too. He kept the WWE Championship for 159 days. Undoubtedly, he was one of the finest Intercontinental Champion in the PG Era to win the WWE belt.

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Published 18 Jan 2018
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