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Five Expectations for WWE Hell in a Cell

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Coming this Sunday

We are now just a couple of days away from the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. With about three months left in the year, and two more months until Survivor Series, it is vital for WWE to end on a high note. 2018 has not been the most exciting time for the company, but as the old saying goes: it's not about how you start, it's about how you end.

With Hell in a Cell being the beginning of the end for the calendar year, we're looking at much of the same from the previous eight months: repeats of feuds, head-scratching decisions and key Superstars being left off the card (sorry, Shinsuke).

Some of the matches on this card do look somewhat enticing, but this could prove for a rather forgettable pay-per-view overall. Regardless, let's make some bold predictions, shall we?

#1 Expect some lukewarm Hell in a Cell matches

WWE in the modern era leaves little to no opportunity for true, old-school grisly action. On one hand, that's perfectly fine. It is a new age, and we do not have to regress back to the days of the Attitude Era by putting your employees' health on the line (more so than they are already doing anyway) just to make some bloodthirsty fans happy. On the other hand, matches like Hell in a Cell are virtually obsolete in this modern PG era.

As much as WWE wants to push their line of toys where kids can toss around their favorite Seth Rollins or Daniel Bryan toy on top of a little plastic steel cage, they don't actually want their talent to put their lives at risk in such a manner any more. Instead, they will settle for the occasional toss into the cage wall or the traditional "use cage as a cheese grater on my opponent's face" move.

Right now, we only have two matches that will be competed in one of the most infamous matches in wrestling history, one of which being for the RAW brand's biggest prize. Of those two matches, there is only one where it is almost guaranteed that something ridiculous will happen and that's the Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton match.

Say what you want about Jeff, but this man is willing to sacrifice his soul to the devil just to entertain us. Don't be surprised if the former US Champion does something ridiculous on Sunday.

Other than that, try not to go into the event with any expectations. I know some of you want to see Roman Reigns slammed through the middle of the cell a la Mankind, but don't hold your breath.

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