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5 Pros and Cons of Two WWE Brand Extension Specials a Month

Sarah Hirsch
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2.41K   //    17 Jun 2016, 15:07 IST
How will Vince McMahon navigate the brand split?

The latest rumors that are coming about this week concern the impending brand extension.  Even though it is set to be in motion next month, little is known about the details and plans. Thus, all fans can do right now is speculate and hang on to every rumor until it’s announced. 

The latest rumor running wild is there will be supposedly two brand PPVs a month to supplement each brand and their storylines.

Now with the last brand extension, WWE never tried this.  At first the company alternated the brand PPVs.  That allowed each show (Raw and SmackDown) time to build their stars and storylines.  Then, after only sharing the big four PPVs, both of the brands went on to produce joint PPVs.

That leads to this slideshow. Fourteen years after the first brand extension, we are here once again. This time, everything is completely different. WWE has a huge and valued talent pool to pick from, including NXT. The company is struggling with keeping viewers interested with the current product, and still is in desperate need of change though it’s getting there slowly but surely. 

Would the new brand extension help WWE this time around? Or will fans grow tired of the brand extension? Here are five pros and cons to the possibility of two brand specials each month.

#5  Pro – Both programs are on USA and specials will be on the WWE Network

Both Raw and Smackdown will be aired live on the USA Network

When the first brand extension took place, the struggle was too real for those who diligently and faithfully kept up with WWE.  Back in the day, PPVs ran for as much as $44.99 or more.  A lot of us dished out the money every month to keep up with SmackDown too, which was on the CW Network or My Network TV. 

At the time, both channels had limited availability, so if you wanted to see your favorite on SmackDown, you dished out the money to watch him or her in action. 

There was only so much you could do with dirtsheets and Raw recaps.  There were no social media platforms back then either. 


Today SmackDown can be accessed by a large audience via the SyFy network, and will move to USA with the brand extension in addition to going live.  Also, we now have the WWE Network, which is affordable and eliminates the struggle that us older folk all know too well. 

Not only is it much more affordable, it’s also on demand for those who can’t watch it when it airs live. It’s a win-win situation.

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