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5 Reasons WWE Must Cancel The Undertaker Versus Triple H Storyline

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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 19:08 IST

Undertaker, Triple H,
Should WWE continue to do this Undertaker storyline?

Let's be honest here.

As nostalgic as it was to see The Undertaker step back into the ring to take on Triple H for the last time it, that nostalgia quickly dissipated once the bell rang and the actual match took place. Unfortunately for The Undertaker, Triple H and the fans, the match was a mess, everyone involved looked exhausted and it seemed to achieve no purpose.

Beyond that, everyone seemed severely limited in what they could do, which only made things harder to watch. With that being said and rumours circulating that WWE wants to continue the storyline at Survivor Series, one has to wonder if that is even a good idea at this point.

Sure, the match, which is believed to be The Brothers of Destruction versus Triple H and Shawn Michaels, seems like a great way to encompass The Undertaker into the Crown Jewel pay per view, but not if it's going to be anything like what happened in Melbourne at Super Showdown.

In the end, here are five reasons WWE needs to nix The Undertaker versus Triple H storyline.

#5 Lack of fan interest

WWE Universe, WWE,
The WWE Universe doesn't seem to be into this storyline at all.

Believe it or not, there really isn't a lot of fan interest in this storyline right now and while that could change if the right incentive was introduced, does it really deserve the time to do so? While that answer might vary from person to person, the low ratings the last couple of weeks on Raw and the lacklustre match at MCG, point to it not deserving that time to develop

Maybe if the match was better then answer would be different, but pretty much everyone agreed it was an absolute mess and those that didn't were too blinded by nostalgia to know any better. In the end, if Michaels, Taker, Triple H and Kane could go like they used to, it wouldn't be so bad, but watching them wrestle as shells of themselves isn't much fun to see.

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Published 08 Oct 2018, 11:29 IST
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