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5 SummerSlam matches that WWE must add stipulations to

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While WWE has succeeded in creating some interesting match-ups for this year's edition of SummerSlam, the company has struggled to make those matches must see or Summerslam worthy. In fact, a few of the matches are just rehashes from other pay per views, which only hurts WWE since some don't want to see the same match done over and over again.

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With that being said and Summerslam only a short time away, here are five Summerslam matches that WWE needs to add a stipulation to. In the end, some of the names on the list will be rematches that need some extra flavour added to them, but others will be one that can't really stand on their own and be interesting.

#5 Finn Balor versus Baron Corbin

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Finn Balor versus Baron Corbin needs some more gravity to it!

WWE hasn't announced this match yet, but it seems like they are wanting to head toward Finn Balor versus Baron Corbin again. The problem with that is that they have already had this match twice, one of which Balor lost on Raw and really don't seem to be adding anything to the story either.

With that being said, WWE needs to make this one personal in the best way possible. In fact, WWE needs to strike while the iron is red hot and have Balor wager a chance at The Universal title for the third encounter with Baron Corbin. This allows some gravity to be added to the rubber match between the two and also makes Balor look like an underdog.

In the end, Balor overcoming Corbin in a situation like this would make their rubber match interesting and give it an actual reason to exist. If they don't add this stipulation or any other stipulation, however, WWE risks boring the crowd with a match they have already shown twice and a storyline that has gone nowhere.

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