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5 Superstars that are the future of the WWE and 5 that aren't

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WWE, Roman Reigns,
Is Roman Reigns the future of the company or will he never be?

Is your favorite superstar the future of The WWE?

While the WWE Universe might want to believe that their favorite superstar will go on to be the future of the company, it doesn't always work out that way. Unfortunately for fans and the superstars that they love, WWE often times doesn't care what the fans want and instead just do what they deem to be best for business.

With that being said and the line between contender and pretender becoming more and more obvious by the day, here are five superstars that are the future of the company and five that never will be. Keep in mind that some of the picks will be chosen by how the company sees a superstar, but it will also have to do with their own performance as well.

Enjoy the list and as always feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below. Also, make sure to let us know if you believe we made any mistakes in our picks and let us know your own.

Future Of The Company: Kevin Owens

WWE, Kevin Owens,
Kevin Owens is the kind of heel that makes WWE special to watch!

WWE might not see Kevin Owens as a long-term option as a top guy; his run with the Universal title last year proved that Owens could take the ball and run with it if he wanted to. Between that and his ability to eviscerate opponents on the microphone, he is just someone that is always going to be in WWE's plans one way or another.

Not only that, Owens is also one of the most popular heels The WWE has right now and they have used him quite nicely over the last couple of months. In fact, his feud with Bruan Strowman at Money In The Bank and Extreme Rules is some of the best storytelling that WWE has done and is indicative of the fact that WWE knows how to write for Owens.

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