5 Superstars that are the future of the WWE and 5 that aren't

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Is Roman Reigns the future of the company or will he never be?

Not the Future of the company: Finn Balor

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It's no secret that Finn Balor isn't the future of WWE.

Where did WWE go wrong with Finn Balor?

How in the world did they take the most popular entity in the history of NXT and turn him into a midcard jobber that is used to help other big stars? Believe it or not, that's all Balor is good for now after losing to Seth Rollins, Kane, Bruan Strowman and Baron Corbin this year and it looks like things are not going to get better from there.

Furthermore, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Bruan Strowman and Kevin Owens seem to be the only people that the company wants in the title picture on Raw, which means no rematch for Balor. With that being said however, probably the worst thing WWE did to Balor was taking away his demon mode character.

If nothing else, these things all mixed together is the reason that Balor failed in WWE and it's also the reason why he won't succeed in being the future of the company. Sure, he might get a title shot and even a run or two before all is said and done, but he is never going to measure up to that of stars like Rollins, Reigns, Owens, Strowman and even Ambrose.

In the end, Balor is quickly becoming a waste of time. While that may sound mean, WWE taking away the demon character gives Balor no depth and forces him to rely on mic work. Maybe that would be ok if Balor could emote better when not in demon mode, but he has shown so far that he can't, which means he's in limbo right now.

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