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5 superstars WWE need to stop wasting TV time on

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WWE Monday Night Raw In Las Vegas
Monday Night Raw!

Can you believe some of the things WWE lets air on their weekly broadcasts?

While some of the company's programming is amazing and breathtaking to watch, there are other parts of their weekly television shows which just make you cringe. In fact, the WWE has been wasting a lot of TV time over the past few months on a handful of superstars that honestly don't deserve it.

They appear so intent on wasting this time that in the process, they let a lot of promising talent slip through the cracks in the process of it all. Not only is this bad for business and a horrible way to establish new up-and-coming stars in the company, it also makes for some of the most abysmal television the company has produced in a long time.

Furthermore, the bottom of the barrel booking that they've been doing with both SmackDown Live and Raw Women's division is deplorable and indicative of creative running out of ideas with regards to effectively promoting their current crop of women. Naturally, not everyone will agree with that assessment - but they can admit the women's division has gone downhill lately.

Then, there's the main-event title scene. You'd think they would reserve this for only their most promising talent, though it just ends up being used to spotlight superstars that don't really help the role in the first place. That's not to say they lack the potential to in future, nor should remain on the mid-card forever, it just means that right now isn't the perfect time to push said superstar.

With all of that in mind, given the WWE's never-ending journey where they try to find storylines and characters that will both entice and excite wrestling fans, here are five superstars the company should not be wasting their time on right now:

#5 The New Day

When will WWE see the end of The New Day?
When will WWE see the end of The New Day?

The New Day was once one of the fiercest and most comical tag teams in the entire division, but they have now been regulated to sideshow humour and pancake antics since coming to SmackDown Live.

With that in mind and the brand's tag-team division already having a lot of depth currently, it doesn't make sense for the WWE to continue wasting TV time on them. This doesn't mean that Kofi Kingston, Big E Langston nor Xavier Woods should be scrapped from TV completely - it just means their time as a trio should come to an eventual end.

Not only is it evident by how long their gimmick has gone on, but also by just how stale it has been in its latest incarnation.

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