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Five Things WWE Is Doing Right With The Shield Reunion and Five Things They are Doing Horribly Wrong

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How is WWE's latest attempt at Shield reunion going so far?

The Shield shocked the world when they reunited the night after Summerslam to help Roman Reigns defend The Universal title, and while the storyline is having immense benefits for Monday Night Raw, the move doesn't come without its problems. The question, however, is whether the positives outweigh the negatives or not.

With that being said and a good month of The Shield reunion now in the books, here are the negatives and positives of the Shield reunion so far and what fans should expect moving forward. Keep in mind that these positives and negatives are just opinions and might be very different from the ones you hold.

Furthermore, they may be based on things that you as a wrestling fan don't care about. Of course, that probably isn't the case for all of the things on this list, but there are probably going to be one or two instances when you as a reader disagree with what is written due to how differently we all view things.

In the end, try to keep an open mind to the other side of the conversation and the overall discussion based on points from each side of the argument. Only then can we truly debate the issues that are laid out in this article and dissect what WWE is doing both right and wrong in regards to The Shield reunion

As always, remember to let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to tell us what you like and dislike about The Shield reunion as well. 

Positive: Merchandise sales

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Is The Shield reunion just a cleverly timed marketing gimmick?

It was reported by last month that Roman Reigns had passed John Cena as WWE's top merchandise seller, which interestingly enough, happened after The Shield reformed on Monday Night Raw. Even more interesting, however, is that another rumour by claims that The Shield's reunion was in part to drive merchandise sales.

Of course, that's what WWE does with every faction that does a reunion tour and it would be a waste on WWE's part not to. With that being said, the move was smart on WWE's part and it helped WWE establish Roman Reigns as their top guy in the process, which is believed to be the overreaching goal.

In the end, merchandise sales of Roman Reigns going up is a great indicator of the move's success and also proof that The WWE Universe will pay money to see nostalgic acts. Whether that continues or not remains to be seen and will depend on what WWE does with The Shield throughout the next couple of months, but its great for fans and WWE in the meantime.

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