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Five wrestlers who have run for office

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Wrestling and politics go hand in hand, or do they?

While professional wrestling and sports entertainment competitors have a reputation of being overgrown muscleheads that you wouldn’t expect to find on the deans’ list, the exact opposite often rings true.

Most competitors are rather intelligent and are very opinionated in local, national and world affairs. So much so, that some even decided to stop commenting from the sidelines and throw their hats into the political arena.

Honorable Mention – Linda McMahon US Senate (Connecticut) 2010, 2012

While not a wrestler, Linda McMahon's campaign is one of wrestling's most famous.
While not a wrestler, Linda McMahon’s US Senate campaigns are among wrestling’s most famous

While not a wrestler per se, it would be remiss to not include her in a list of this nature. While her two runs for US Senator in 2010 and 2012 were unsuccessful, they are cited by many fans as the reason for the shift in WWE’s programming starting from early 2000’s to continuing to the early 2010’s.

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McMahon, a Republican, was defeated by double-digit percentage margins in both races.

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